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Is it possible to visit the western fjords from Oslo, and spend only one day? I do not have any car, how do I get to the fjords? What fjord do you recommend to visit? What activities can I do in the fjords?

There are many questions on how, where and how long time you need to experience the Western Fjords from Oslo. We recommend two UNESCO-protected fjords; the Nærøyfjord (fjordtour #1) and the Geirangerfjord (fjordtour #2). See below for more information about the two fjordtours. We also recommend to plan and book your trip at FjordTours.


Fjord View


Fjordtour #1:
Norway in a nutshell, from Oslo to Flåm & the Nærøyfjord. Continue reading


Fjordtour #2:
The Geirangerfjord and Norway in a Nutshell, from Oslo. Continue reading


Fjord Pass

If you plan to visit the Western Norwegian Fjords, we recommend you to book your adventure online at Fjord Tours and to buy the Fjord Pass. Fjord Tours are experts on Norway and the fjords, and you will find all information you need on their website. You can book travel, accommodation, fjord cruises and activities. Fjord Pass will give you discount on all of this, from car rental to activities and accommodation.

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