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Kirketaket (1439 mos) was in 2004 voted among the top 10 mountains in Norway for Alpine touring by the magazine “Fri Flyt”.

The skiing up to Kirketaket takes around 3 to 5 hours. From the summit, there is more than 1000 (3000ft) vertical meters of steep and gentle slopes down to the mountain dairy of Kavliheian which is situated at the foothill of the mountain.

NOTE! Before you ski in the Romsdal Mountains, please check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal


Hiking with fjord view by Fjordtours

Mt. Kirketaket (1439m)

Kirketaket is a great mountain for alpine ski touring with fjord view. You start at the Shooting Range in Isfjorden, follow the ski track up to Stormyra. Cross Stormyra and continue to the left towards Bruhaugen, a popular goal for families with children. Continue through the forest, and follow a small forest path towards Skarsetra Mountain Pasture.

Just before you arrive Skarsetra, take up to the right towards Mt. Steinberget. Here, it is steep and heavy, but fairly easy to cross upwards. Cross the flat Steinberget (981m) before you follow the ridge up to Kirketaket (1439m). From the summit you have a fantastic view towards the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord and the surrounding mountains.

From the top, there is more than 1000 (3000ft) vertical meters of steep slopes down to the mountain dairy of Kavliheian which is situated at the foothill of the mountain. From Kavliheia and back down to Isfjorden Shooting Range, which normally is the starting point for the trip, there is fun and gentle skiing.

NOTE! The snow can be blown to overhanging snow-dunes in north direction at the top-ridge. Due to this, never ski further than you can see rocks/stones.

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Isfjorden is surrounded by great ski-touring-mountains, and all the mountains have fjord view. We also recommend skiing to Blånebba, Kjøvskardtind, Skarven and Galtåtind. In Isfjorden and Romsdal, Guided Tours are recommended.

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Kirketaket in Romsdal – Map Overview

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