NORWAY – WESTERN NORWEGIAN FJORDS is a private and unofficial website with great information for exploring and planning your journey to the fjord region in Norway. The hope is that this website will inspire you to come and visit the fjords, and maybe help you to find places to go, places to stay and things to see and do. - Plan your Norway trip with Go Fjords

Norway have some of the longest, deepest, narrowest and most beautiful fjords in the world. Here you will find what you need to plan your fjord holiday. Read about the  most beautiful fjords in western Norway. Two of the fjords, the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Sognefjord is the longest fjord in Norway with its 204 kilometers.

– Back in France after four weeks in the fjords region, I wanted to thank you for creating the website. I stumbled upon it by accident when I was already in Norway. It really helped me find the best spots to take great photos with the GREAT PHOTO SPOTS IN THE FJORDS page. Marc Dufournet – @marcdufournetphoto

Safety, Responsibility and Season

Safety and Responsibility: The nature in Norway is beautiful but also dangerous. It is important to read about your own responsibility and how to explore the Norwegian nature in a safe way. The trips (hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing) described on this website are trips that I myself have experienced, and the descriptions are accordingly. The trips that I have written about are not suitable for everyone, it is important to consider this if you plan to go on any of these trips. Important things that you must consider before you go on these trips are age, your own physical shape, experience and skills in what you are going to do, how locally you are and how well you know the area you are going to explore, knowledge of and experience with the use of maps and compass, equipment, season and weather. Always make your own evaluation. Adapt your own risk to your own skills and by choosing where, when and how you travel. It is recommended to use guide on the tours described on this website.

SEASON - Many of the activities and attractions mentioned on this website are open only in summer and are closed in winter. This also applies to many of the roads and accommodations mentioned. Season and opening time will vary. It depends on where it is and what activity, attraction, road and accommodation it is, it usually opens in the summer and closes in the autumn, depending on i.a. the amount of snow and the risk of avalanches in the area.



What is a Fjord?

FJORDS NORWAY - What is a Fjord and how was it made
Fjords are some of the most dramatic landscape features on earth.

Fjord Guide

Guide to the 10 most beautiful fjords in Norway.

Great Photo Spots

FJORDS NORWAY - 100 Great Viewpoints, Photo and Filming Locations in the Fjords
More than 100 great locations for photography and filming in the fjords.

Fjord Cruise

FJORDS NORWAY - Fjord Cruise in western Norway
Experience some great Fjord Cruises in the fjords in Western Norway.

From Oslo to Fjords

FJORDS NORWAY - From Oslo to the Fjords
How to get to the western fjords from Oslo.


FJORDS NORWAY - Accommodation in the Fjords
Recommended Hotels, Spa & Bath Hotels and FJORDS® Living in the fjords.


The Romsdalsfjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Romsdalsfjord
The Romsdalsfjord, from snowy mountains to beautiful coastline of islands and reefs.

The Geirangerfjord

FJORDS NORWAY - Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord are part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord are part of our common UNESCO World Heritage.

The Hørundfjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Hjørundfjord
The inner part of the Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains, waterfalls and glaciers.


The glaciers, fjords, sea and mountains in the Nordfjord area have some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer.

The Sognefjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Sognefjord and Lærdalsfjord seen from Haukåsen at Kaupanger
The Sognefjord, the king of the fjords, is the longest fjord adventure in Norway.

The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord
The Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord in Sogn are two of the worlds most beautiful and dramatic fjords.

The Lustrafjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Lustrafjord
The Lustrafjord and the Luster area is one of the most beautiful spots in Norway - where the fjord meets the top of Norway.

The Hardangerfjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Hardangerfjord
The Hardangerfjord area, the orchard of Norway, is known for it´s spectacular fruit tree blossoming in spring.

The Lysefjord

FJORDS NORWAY - The Lysefjord
Ryfylke and the Lysefjord area - from island kingdom to deep fjords and high mountains.