Fjords.com is a personal and unofficial website with great information for exploring and planning your journey to the fjord region in Western Norway; Møre og Romsdal, Vestland and Rogaland.

I hope this website, the pictures and videos will inspire you to come and visit the Norwegian Fjords, and maybe help you to find places to go, places to stay and things to do and see.


Most of the pictures, video´s and text on this website are from my trips in the western fjords, collected through more than 25 years of fjord-adventures. All texts are my personal views.

Øyvind Heen – fjords.com


About Fjords.com:

Web/Text/Photo: Øyvind Heen *
*What is a Fjord written by Atle Nesje.
*The Hardangerfjord area – Geology and Landscape written by Christer Hoel.
*Rock Avalanches in Western Norwegian Fjords Area written by Christer Hoel.
*The Pioneers of the Troll Wall, text and photo by Tony Howard

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