Activities in the Fjords

The fjords in Norway are known for the wild, beautiful and untouched nature. Fjords, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and snow calls for people searching for adventure. - Plan your Norway trip with Go Fjords

Fresh air, clean flowing water, silence. Hiking, skiing, surfing, kayaking, speed and excitement. The fjords are also great to visit during winter. Here you can read more about activities and what to do when you visit the fjords.


In Western Norway, we have fantastic opportunities for active leisure. The fjord area is like a great playground for those who love activities. Here you can explore the stunning scenery and be active and use the nature around you. Or you can also just relax and enjoy the beautiful and wild nature. Here you will find some recommendations of activities with pictures and videos from the Norwegian fjords and the surrounding nature.

Great Fjord Hikes

Pick from a list of great Fjord Hikes in Western Norway. Spectacular views is a key word for all the hikes, and they vary from half an hour to 10-12 hours. Many hikes are well known, other are more hidden.

Kayaking the Fjords

The Sognefjord, the king of the fjords, is the longest fjord adventure in Norway. The fjord is 204 kilometres long and 1308 meters deep and is made for kayaking. The Nærøyfjord, Fjærlandsfjord and Lustrafjord are three branches of the Sognefjord that are great to explore from a kayak. You can join guided kayak-trips on all these fjords.

Fjord Safari

A guided adventure into the wonders of the fjords. Experience the UNESCO World Heritage listed Nærøyfjord on a different fjord cruise. In the secure and rigid inflatable boats (RIB) you have the best opportunity to experience and explore the nature and wildlife at close range. And you can do it all year round.

Biking in the Fjords

Biking is a great way to explore the Western Norwegian Fjords. You`ll get in touch with the beautiful nature, and will not miss the hidden gems. The short detours and the many breaks will be something you will remember the rest of your life.

Fjord Ski

Norway is “designed for Skiing”. Especially in the west where you have endless ranges of mountains, and where you can ski from almost 2000 metres and down to the fjords. In Western Norway you can choose between several great Ski Centres or to use your own legs to get to the numerous summits. The reward are great nature experiences and fantastic skiing.

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