Agatunet is an old farm cluster with 30 protected buildings located in the idyllic village on the west side of Sørfjorden in Hardanger.


Today, Agatunet is a museum with exhibitions, experiences, a café and a shop.  But most of all, Agatunet is a beautiful place to be and to see, experience and to explore.


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Agatunet Farm Cluster

The history of Agatunet goes back several thousand years. The oldest building in the farmyard is Lagmannsstova from 1220, it is a log house on high basement walls. Sigurd Brynjulfsson, who was one of King Eirik Magnusson’s advisers, lived there. This is the oldest medieval building in the country that still stands.

Before the Second World War, there were nine farmers with families living there, and at most about 200 people lived on and around the farmyard.

Agatunet today – Museum and Experience Center

Today, Agatunet is a living Museum both indoors and outdoors. The farmyard is a protected cultural monument and is situated on the west side of Sørfjorden, between Odda and Utne in Hardanger. The idyllic Agatunet is a museum with exhibitions, experiences, a café and a shop. It is also a place where children in schools and kindergartens can learn about the Middle Age, about the farmyard and how they lived in Norway in the old days and how Agatunet maintains and takes care of their buildings. Agatunet also offer Guided Tours.

Season: You can visit Agatunet all year round. In winter it is open by appointment, in summer there are fixed opening days and hours depending on when in the summer it is. See Agatun’s website for opening hours.

Sørfjorden in Hardanger

The 38 kilometer long Sørfjorden is one of the many side fjords of the Hardangerfjord. Along Sørfjorden are small picturesque villages like pearls on a string, surrounded by fjords, mountains, waterfalls and rivers and not least all the fruit trees that are widely known for their beautiful blossoming in spring. Here you can read more about Sørfjorden which has attracted travellers since the dawn of time, ever since English tourists discovered Norway in the mid-19th century.

The Hardangerfjord Area – What to See and Do

The Hardangerfjord area,  the orchard of Norway, is known for Summer Skiing at Folgefonna Glacier and a spectacular fruit tree blossoming in spring. Drive in the Hardanger area and see the Vøringsfossen Waterfall and all the other great waterfalls. Hike the famous Trolltunga Hike or Dronningstien (the Queens Panoramic Trail) in the area around Sørfjorden. Lake Bondhusvatnet and Bondhusbreen Glacier was one of the first places the English tourists visited when they discovered Norway in the mid 1800´s. Join a Fjord Cruise on the Hardangerfjord which is located in the county of Vestland, near Bergen, in the middle of Western Norway.



Accommodation near Agatunet

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