Ålesund is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. The city is also known as the gateway to two of the most beautiful fjords in Norway; the Geirangerfjord and the Hjørundfjord.

Ålesund is a great starting point for exploring the Sunnmøre region with the fjords, mountains and the beautiful coastline of islands and reefs. But most of all, it is well worth spending time to enjoy the great hotels, restaurants, activities and experiences in the city itself.

Visit Ålesund

Visit Ålesund is the official destination company for the Sunnmøre, Geirangerfjord,  Hjørundfjord and Ålesund area.

Ålesund – History

FJORDS NORWAY - Ålesund in the old days
Ålesund in the old days. Photo/Copyright: Normann Kunstforlag A.S.

In the 18th century, the area around Ålesundet, including Brunholmen, was home to a few merchants. Cod fishing in the Borgundfjord was one of the reasons why there was permanent settlement in the Ålesund area at that time.

Ole Andreas Devold established a textile factory Devold in the center of Ålesund in the 19th century. Parts of the business were moved from Ålesund to Langevåg in 1868, and the factory in Ålesund burned down during the Ålesund City Fire in 1904. Devold is now Norway’s largest and most well-known clothing manufacturer of woolen clothes.

From Brosundet, the canal that divides Ålesund in two. The brick buildings are built in the distinctive Art Nouveau style.
From Brosundet, the canal that divides Ålesund in two. The brick buildings are built in the distinctive Art Nouveau style.

The city center of Ålesund got its current shape after the big city fire in 1904. This was one of the largest fires in Norway, and more than 800 houses burned down. Around 12,000 people became homeless.

After the fire, the inhabitants received help from all over Norway and also from abroad. The German Emperor Wilhelm II was one of those who gave extra help to the reconstruction of Ålesund.

Brosundet devides the city of Ålesund in two.
Brosundet devides the city of Ålesund in two.

Before the fire, the city center consisted almost exclusively of wooden buildings. The city was rebuilt in just three years and now consists mainly of brick buildings in the distinctive Art Nouveau style.

Below you can see a 360 panorama from Ålesund. At the bottom of the panorama, you will find navigation buttons that allow you to “travel” around and focus on places you want to take a closer look at. Some panoramas allow you to “jump” to other locations. The 360 panoramic pictures are provided by 360 Aircam by Arild Solberg.

Ålesund – What to see and do

There are many things to see and do in Ålesund and the surrounding area. Here is some of what is worth exploring while you are in Ålesund.

Below are some pictures from Ålesund, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. Below the pictures you will find information with links to guided activities in Ålesund and activities starting from Ålesund.

The Stairways to the city-mountain Aksla in Ålesund

The stairs between Ålesund and the city mountain Aksla.
The stairs between Ålesund and the city mountain Aksla.

Mt Aksla is the city-mountain in Ålesund. From the viewpoint there is a fantasic view over Ålesund and the Atlantic Ocean with all the surrounding islands and skerries.

You can walk the 418 steps in stones from the city to Aksla, or you can go there by car. At the top (189 masl) you have an outdoor restaurant, a café and a panoramic viewpoint.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to avoid walking the stairs when there is snow and ice on the steps. Respect the barriers if the stairs are closed.

FJORDS NORWAY - Ålesund seen from the stairs towards the city mountain Aksla
Ålesund and the coastline seen from the stairs towards the city mountain Aksla.

Uteguiden – Guiding and Activities in Ålesund

From Uteguiden's BASE CAMP in Brosundet in Ålesund.
From Uteguiden’s BASE CAMP in Brosundet in Ålesund.

Uteguiden in Ålesund guides you to fantastic adventures in the area around Ålesund and Sunnmøre, they offer guiding through all four seasons. Uteguiden has an office in the center of Ålesund, down by Brosundet.

At Uteguiden you can rent kayaks, SUPs and E-bikes during the summer season. You can also take part in a number of guided activities and adventures starting from Uteguiden’s base in Ålesund.

In the winter season, you can combine kayaking with a sauna. You can also take part in guided summit ski tours in the mountains of Sunnmøre, snowshoe tours at Strandafjellet and cross-country skiing in beautiful nature.

Below you will find more information about guided activities from both Uteguiden and others, there is much that is worth exploring while you are in Ålesund.

Guided Sea Kayaking from Brosundet in Ålesund

Join a Guided Sea Kayaking tour and see Ålesund from the sea. The kayak tours start from Brosundet in the centre of Ålesund. It is guaranteed that you will have a fun day exploring the city of Ålesund from a unique point of view.

Guided and combined Sea Kayaking and Hiking in Ålesund

This is a combined adventure with start at the centre of Ålesund. The kayak tour start from Brosundet, you then crossing over Aspevågen to Slinnings Point. The hike start from the shoreline and end at Mt Sukkertoppen with fantastic panoramic view of Ålesund with the Sunnmøre Alps as a backdrop.

Guided SUP-Board adventure in Brosundet in the centre of Ålesund

This is a short and fun and guided tour on SUP-Board (Stand-Up Paddleboard) in the Brosundet canal in the middle of Ålesund. SUP is a fun activity which is ideal for all.

From the idyllic Brosundet in Ålesund.
From the idyllic Brosundet in Ålesund.

Guided combined E-Bike-tour and Hike to Mt Sukkertoppen

First you will have an easy ride in an E-bike from the centre of Ålesund, then you will hike to Mt Sukkertoppen with fantastic panoramic view of Ålesund.

Fjord Cruise from Ålesund to the Geirangerfjord

Geiranger Fjordservice takes you on a boat trip into the Geirangerfjord where you can see the beautiful fjord landscape with the waterfalls Bridal Veil, The Suitor and The Seven Sisters. The Geirangerfjord is like a fairytale. It is unique and exceptionally beautiful. And the Geirangerfjord is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Fjord Cruise on the Hjørundfjord

This is a fjord cruise that goes between Ålesund and Øye in the heart of Norangsfjorden. The fjord cruise has season in the summer and visits Ålesund, Trandal, Sæbø, Urke and Øye. The boat goes both ways.

See the Cruise Service website for more information about the season, boat routes and booking. Below you see the inner part of the Hjørundfjord with a marked boat route and places where the boat stops.

Fjord Cruise on the Hjørundfjord, view from Mt Saksa. Here you see the inner part of the Hjørundfjord with a marked boat route and places where the boat stops.
Fjord Cruise on the Hjørundfjord, view from Mt Saksa. Here you see the inner part of the Hjørundfjord with a marked boat route and places where the boat stops.

Tailor-made Ski and Sailing Tours

The Hjørundfjord is also an eldorado for summit ski tours. This is one of the fjords where it is possible to combine boat trips on the fjord with summit trips on skis.

Uteguiden arranges tailor-made skiing and sailing trips with guides and a personal chef onboard the boat. The starting point for these tours is the city of Ålesund, which is just north of the exit of the Hjørundfjord.

Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium

Atlanterhavsparken is Northern Europe’s largest Saltwater Aquarium and show you the life in the ocean along the Norwegian coast.

The Aquarium is surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes at the island of Hessa, 3.5 kilometer west of the center of Ålesund. Video by Atlanterhavsparken.

Bybadet Aquacamp

Bybadet is Ålesund’s new great water park. There you can experience, among other things, therapy bath, family bath, whirlpools, children’s pool, water slides and diving tower.

There is also a cafe in conjunction to the water park. Bybadet is located in the center of Ålesund, close to Byparken. Video by Bybadet.

Alnes Lighthouse

Alnes and Alnes Lighthouse on the north side of the Godøya Island is a wonderful experience. There has been a lighthouse at Alnes since 1857. Alnes Lighthouse as it stands today was built in 1937 and is still in operation.  The lighthouse is 22.5 meters high and is made of wood and iron, it was automated in 1982.

In addition to the lighthouse, there is an art gallery and a café that are open for visitors. Season, see Alnes Lighthouse Website.

FJORDS NORWAY - Alnes Lighthouse on Godøya Island outside Ålesund
Alnes Lighthouse on Godøya Island outside Ålesund

Recommended places to Eat in Ålesund

RESTAURANT APOTEKERGATA No. 5 has a menu that is inspired by local and short-travelled food traditions from Sunnmøre combined with inspiration from the international cuisine. The restaurant is located in the old warehouse in Apotekergata No. 5  in conjunction to Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund.

BRO is a restaurant with focus on local food made of local produce from Sunnmøre. The restaurant is located in Notenesgata on the east side of Brosundet at the centre of Ålesund.

ANNO is located on Apotekertorget in the centre of Ålesund and serves delicious dishes that is inspired from both local and international cuisine. Their Pizza is baked in a stone oven. The a la carte menu varies with the different seasons.

XL DINER is a Bacalao restaurant located in Skaregata right in the heart of Ålesund. There you can enjoy great food and drink with a view towards Ålesundet and the sea. The restaurant is recognized as one of Europe’s best Bacalao and Dried-and-salted-Cod restaurants. They also offer other tasty dishes.

MARTIN WALDERHAUG BAKERI & KONDITORI is a family-run bakery and patisserie from 1893. They offer traditional cakes and pastries with real ingredients and handicrafts. The recipes have been passed down through generations. The patisserie is located on Skansekaia in the center of Ålesund.

Panorama from the stairs between Byparken and Mt Aksla in Ålesund.
Panorama from the stairs between Byparken and Mt Aksla in Ålesund.

Recommended places to Drink in Ålesund

ARKIVET BAR in Apotekergata No. 5  is also in conjunction to Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund. The local trader Peder Devold ran his fish oil business out of the old warehouse in Apotekergata, and he had his personal office and archives in the room which now has become Arkivet Bar.

VINO BAR in Apotekergata has a wine menu with more than 700 wines from wine districts all over the world. The menu includes beer, drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. They also serve planks with cheese, salami, ham and focaccia in addition to a separate snack menu.

Recommended Hotels and places to stay in the Ålesund area

HOTEL BROSUNDET in Ålesund offers a different experience. It is a family owned hotel creating experiences satisfying all senses and paying attention to what is seen, heard, smelled, tasted and felt.

From the delicate interior design, stunning artwork, antique beams to fresh local seafood, the passion is to preserve the buildings as they originally were warehouses and significant to the fishery in the small town of Ålesund. The outer walls of the hotel extend directly into the waters of Brosundet, the true city-center of Ålesund.

FJORDS NORWAY - Brosundet and Hotel Brosundet in Ålesund
From Brosundet in Ålesund. Hotel Brosundet to the left.

MOLJA LIGHTHOUSE at the breakwater pier in Ålesund. Room 47 at Hotel Brosundet is in the Molja Lighthouse at the breakwater pier at Molovegen, on the north side of Brosundet. If you stay at Molja Lighthouse, you have the whole lighthouse to yourself.

QUALITY HOTEL WATERFRONT is a family and conference hotel located down by the water’s edge. The hotel, which also has a restaurant, has a great view towards the Aspevågen bay on the south side of the center of Ålesund, only 300 meters from Brosundet in the city center.

HOTEL 1904 is located near the city park. This is where the 418 steps in stone up to the viewpoint of the city mountain Aksla start. Hotel 1904 is Ålesund’s oldest hotel, it’s in the name. The hotel, which is one of Ålesund’s typical Jugendstil buildings, was built in 1904, the same year that the great fire in Ålesund destroyed 850 houses in the city.

SCANDIC PARKEN is located in the heart of Ålesund, close to Byparken and the stone steps up to Aksla. The hotel can boast of having Ålesund’s best breakfast, they were voted to have Møre and Romsdal County’s best hotel breakfast in 2022.

THON HOTEL ÅLESUND is beautifully located down by the sea in the center of Ålesund, by the road Molovegen at the northern end of Brosundet. The hotel has a bar and restaurant and its own pier for boats.

JERVELL GJESTEHUSMr and Mrs Jervell’s historic mansion, just a short drive from Ålesund. The hotel is located next to the Sunnmøre Museum, six kilometers east of the center of Ålesund. Jervell Gjestehus is special. They organize Afternoon Tea, Quiz evenings, Gourmet evenings and “Murder Mystery Evenings”. In addition, the hotel has a rich history and rooms and common areas in a mix of old and new with a high standard.

STORFJORD HOTEL at Glomset in Skodje, 30 kilometers east of Ålesund. The hotel is located on a wooded hillside which has a fantastic panoramic view of Storfjorden at Sunnmøre. The view alone is well worth a visit. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and there is also a spa and wellness department in the hotel. Storfjord Hotel is a high-standard hotel with a mix of Norwegian traditions and modern design.

The Hjørundfjord – What to see and do

FJORDS NORWAY - The Hjørundfjord at Sunnmøre

The innermost part of the 35-kilometer-long Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains, narrow valleys, waterfalls and glaciers. In between all this, there are small idyllic villages down by the fjord, all of which are great starting points for adventures in beautiful nature.

The idyllic fjord village of Sæbø is a perfect starting point for activities and adventures in and around the Hjørundfjord. Sagafjord Hotel is located right down by the fjord at Sæbø. There you can enjoy the silence down by the fjord with the characteristic view towards the Hjørundfjord and Hustadneset with the mountains Slogen and Stålberghornet as a fantastic backdrop.

Try the world’s most famous swing at Christian Gaard Bygdetun in Trandal. A picture of a swing at Trandal on Instagram made the Hjørundfjord world famous.

The mountains surrounding the Hjørundfjord are great for hikes with fjord view. Slogen, Saksa and Urkeegga are the most popular mountains for hiking. Uteguiden organizes guided mountain hikes to Mt Saksa and Slogen, they also offer tailor-made mountain hikes to the other mountain peaks in the area.

Join a fjord cruise or a kayak trip on the Hjørundfjord. Experience beautiful Norangsdalen valley and dive into the ruins of an old mountain pasture in Lake Lyngstøylvatnet.

Drink beer at Fjordpuben in Urke. Fish salmon in Bjørkeelva River at Bjørke. Maybe you get to meet the beautiful ghost Linda if you stay overnight in “The Blue Room” at Hotel Union Øye? The Hjørundfjord is located in the southwestern part of the county of Møre og Romsdal, north in Western Norway.

Geiranger and Geirangerfjord – What to See and Do

FJORDS NORWAY - Geiranger and Geirangerfjord seen from Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint

The Geirangerfjord is like a fairytale. It is unique and exceptionally beautiful. And the fjord is included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

You should take a fjord cruise or join a fjord safari. The ferry between Geiranger and Hellesylt is a great way to see the Geirangerfjord and the spectacular nature with its many waterfalls and steep mountains. You will see the waterfalls The Seven Sisters, The Suitor and The Bridal Veil from the fjord.

The Fosseråsa trail goes from the center of Geiranger via the Norwegian Fjord Centre and up to Vesterås which is a great starting point for mountain hikes in Geiranger. The Fosseråsa trail ends at Storseterfossen Waterfall.

Visit the Flydalsjuvet, Ørnesvingen and Dalsnibba viewpoints and see the iconic views of Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord. Combine a boat trip on the fjord with a hike up to Skageflå, one of the many abandoned mountain farms above the Geirangerfjord.

Take a Road Trip from Geiranger via Trollstigen to the Atlantic Road. On this tour, you will experience two National Tourist Routes and one “construction of the twentieth century” in Norway. Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord is located in the southwestern part of the county of Møre og Romsdal, north in Western Norway.


Bybadet Aquacamp
Hotel Brosundet
Atlanterhavsparken Aquarium

Eat and Drink in Ålesund

Arkivet Bar
Apotekergata No. 5 Restaurant

Hotels and Accommodation in Ålesund

Hotel Brosundet
Molja Lighthouse
Quality Hotel Ålesund
Hotel 1904 Ålesund
Hotel Noreg
Scandic Parken Hotel
Thon Hotel Ålesund
Jervell Gjestehus



Here you will find an overview of recommended HOTELS in addition to SPA & BATH HOTELS and OTHER ACCOMMODATION PLACES in Western Norway. The combination of beautiful nature, activities that you can do in all four seasons and a stay at a great accommodation is unique. A stay in one of these places will do you good, both for body and mind.

There are ten restaurants that have awarded Michelin stars and Michelin awards in Western Norway. Eight of the Michelin restaurants are in Stavanger and two in Bergen. Here you will find FJORDS MICHELIN, where you will also find a list of recommended hotels in Western Norway, recommended by Michelin.

USEFUL LINKS is a list of websites with great information on Norway and the Fjords. FAQ is an overview of articles that answer the most common questions you have when planning to visit the fjords in Western Norway.

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