Fjord Hike to Mt. Molden in Luster

Mt. Molden in Luster in Sogn og Fjordane is a popular hiking goal amongst the locals. The hike is short, and the fjord view is great.

The two to three hours hike to Mt. Molden (1118 masl) in Luster gives you a tremendous view towards the Lustrafjord and the surrounding mountains. The Lustrafjord is a branch of the 204 kilometer long Sognefjord, the King of the Fjords .

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The hike to Svarthiller Mountain Farm

The hike to Mt. Molden starts at the parking by the road between Hafslo and Mollandsmarki in Luster (500 masl). The path is well marked, and it takes approximately one hour before you get to the abandoned Svarthiller Mountain Farm. At Svarthiller, you can see towards the southern part of the Lustrafjord.

Svarthiller – Lunch Break with Fjord View

Svarthiller is a great place for a lunch break and to take in the view towards the fjord and to Urnes on the other side of the Lustrafjord. At Urnes, you will find the UNESCO-protected Urnes Stave Church, the oldest of a total of 28 remaining Stave Churches in Norway. The church was built around year 1130.

From Svarthiller to Molden

The hike continues from Svarthiller (865 masl) towards the summit at Molden at 1118 masl. From the summit of Molden you can see the Lustrafjord in all directions. The locals claim this is the best view in Luster, and in Luster there are many great viewpoints.

Just below the summit, on the northern side, there is a shelter (Ernstbui) built of stone. The view from the shelter towards the nortern part of Lustrafjord is epic, see video below.


The descent from Molden

The normal and recommended way back down from Molden is the same way as you hiked up.

It is also possible to hike down to Marifjøra by the Gaupnefjord, on the north side of Mt. Molden. The Gaupnefjord is a small branch of the Lustrafjord. The descent down to Marifjøra is around 7 kilometre long and 1118 vertical meters. This hike is steep and demanding, and only experienced hikers should hike the trail down to Marifjøra.

The total time for the hike, from the parking by the road between Hafslo and Mollandsmarki to Mt. Molden and back down to the parking is around 5-7 hours.

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Luster and the Lustrafjord – What to See and Do

The Lustrafjord and the Luster area is one of the most beautiful spots in Norway, where the fjord meets the top of Norway with it´s numerous mountains and glaciers. Here you have the oldest historical hotel in Norway, the beautiful Walaker Hotel. Visit Urnes Stave Church and the Feigumfossen Waterfall. The hike to Mt. Molden in Luster gives you a tremendous view towards the fjord. Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal is one of the easiest accessible glaciers in Norway. The Lustrafjord is the innermost branch of the 204 km long Sognefjord.

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Hiking to Mt. Molden – Map Overview