FJORD Hike to Preikestolen and the Lysefjord

Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) in Ryfylke is one of Norway´s great hikes, and the view towards the Lysefjord is epic.

Preikestolen is a mountain plateau raging 604 meters above the Lysefjord. The 4 kilometre long hike and 330 meter climb takes 2-3 hours one way. You start at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge and follow the marked path to the summit which is one of the best views in Norway.


Fjordtours Hiking The Fjords to Preikestolen

Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock)

Preikestolen is a popular goal for both Norwegians and foreign tourists. It can be crowded on the flat plateau that measures only 25 times 25 meters and with three of the edges going vertically straight down into the Lysefjord. This is where parts of Mission Impossible – Fallout was filmed last year and where we can see Tom Cruise is hanging out from the vertical cliff above the Lysefjord.

The surrounding Mountains

After the compulsory visit on the Preikestolen Plateau, we recommend you to head to the surrounding mountains on the backside. From there it is even better view towards Preikestolen and the Lysefjord. See video from the backside below.


The Norwegian Mountain Code

IMPORTANT! The weather can change dramatically in the mountains. This is why you have to follow the Norwegian Mountain Code when hiking in the Norwegian Mountains. It can change from summer and sunny weather to winter and frost in minutes!

Video – Safety tips for your summer hike to Preikestolen

The Lysefjord Area – What to See and Do

From island kingdom to deep fjords and high mountains; Ryfylke and the Lysefjord area are known for Preikestolen (the Pulpit rock) and Kjerag. Stay in new innovative cabins while exploring the Lysefjord Area. The Lysefjord is located in the county of Rogaland, near Haugesund and Stavanger, south in Western Norway.


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The Hiking Trail to Preikestolen – Map Overview