Here you can pick from a list of great Fjord Hikes in Western Norway. Spectacular views is a key word for all the hikes, and they vary from half an hour to 10-12 hours.

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The weather change quickly in the Norwegian mountains, so bring good clothes and hiking shoes. And have enough food and water in your rucksack. Read about the Norwegian Mountain Code prior to hiking in the Norwegian mountains. Guided hikes are recommended.

Møre og Romsdal

Romsdalseggen in Romsdal

Romsdalseggen in Romsdal has in short time become one of the most popular hikes in Norway. The hike starts in the Vengedalen Valley in Isfjorden and ends in the city center of Åndalsnes. The prize is a fantastic view over the Romsdalen Valley and the Romsdalsfjord. From Romsdalseggen you can actually see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. You can choose if you want to take the Romsdal Gondola or walk down Romsdalstrappa from Mt Nesaksla to the center of Åndalsnes.

Litlefjellet in Romsdal

The hike to Mt Litlefjellet in Romsdal is short, but the view you get at the summit is great. If you are in the Romsdal area during summer and autumn, we recommend you to do the 30 minute hike up from the Vengedalen Valley in Isfjorden.

Kavliheian in Romsdal

The Kavliheian Mountain Pasture in Isfjorden is easy and short hike, great for families with small kids. Look towards west and you have a great view towards the Romsdalsfjord and Åndalsnes. Turn around 180 degrees and you can see towards the surrounding mountains with Mt Juratind as one of the most beautiful and majestic.

Einangsetra in Romsdal

Einangsetra Mountain Pasture has a great view towards the Romsdalsfjord, Åndalsnes and the Romsdalen Valley with Romsdalseggen and it´s surrounding mountains like the Troll Wall (Trollveggen), Romsdalshorn and Vengetind.

Grøvdalsbakken in Romsdal

The hike to Grøvdalsakken in Isfjorden is steep and a bit heavy. But the view when you see Lake Bakkevatnet is priceless. Fishing for trout can be done in these lakes.

Tarløysa in Romsdal

Mt Tarløysa is located in the middle of the Romsdalsfjord. From the summit there is a great view towards the alpine mountains in Romsdal, towards the Romsdalsfjord and all the way to the Atlantic Coast outside Molde. Tarløysa is a popular hiking destination both summer, autumn and winter. Here you get to see Romsdal in all its glory.

Midsundtrappene at the Atlantic Coast

Midsundtrappene at the Otrøya Island are four great Hiking-Trails made in stone by Sherpas from Nepal. Otrøya is an island in the outer part of the Romsdalsfjord, at the Atlantic Coast outside Molde. From the summits, there are fantastic views towards the Atlantic Coast and the Atlantic Ocean, and to the outer part of the Romsdalsfjord and the surrounding isles and mountains.

Saksa at Urke by the Hjørundfjord

The hike to Mt Saksa at Sunnmøre starts at Urke down by the Hjørundfjord. The hike is three kilometers long. On these three kilometers you ascend more than 1000 meters. You have a great fjord view to the fjords, all the way from the start at Urke to the summit which is located at 1073 masl.

Skageflå in Geiranger

Skageflå is an abandoned mountain farm above the Geirangerfjord at Sunnmøre in Møre og Romsdal. The hike up to Skageflå (250 masl) is one of the most scenic hikes in Norway, with view down to the Geirangerfjord and the surrounding mountains, and to the Seven Sisters Waterfall on the other side of the fjord.

Vesterås Hikes in Geiranger

Vesterås is a great starting point for hiking in the Geiranger area. Several short and great hikes can be done from here. Waterfalls, mountains and Fjord View are some key words.


Hike to Segestad Mountain Farm in Oppstryn

This is a relative short but steep hike which starts from Glomnes, close to Hjelle by Lake Oppstrynsvatnet in Nordfjord. The hike up to Segestad takes you around one hour and is 3.2 kilometer long. There are several viewpoints along the well marked trail. From the mountain farm at Segestad (at 314 masl) you have a great view down to Lake Oppstrynsvatnet and to the surrounding snowcapped mountains.

Rakssetra between Loen and Stryn

#Rakssetra is every instagrammer’s wet dream. Put on your fancy dress and run barefoot between the cabins with the drone right behind your back while Kanye West sings “Good Morning”. Rakssetra is located up on the hillside at Oppheim between Loen and Stryn. The view from Rakssetra down to Nordfjord, Oldebukta and Olden is fantastic.

FJORDS NORWAY - Rakssetra between Loen and Stryn in Nordfjord, Norway
Rakssetra between Loen and Stryn in Nordfjord

Hiking to Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Nordfjord

Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden, Nordfjord, is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. The hike from Briksdalen Valley to the glacier is one of most scenic hikes in Norway. The three kilometer long hike starts at Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge, the hike takes around one hour each way.

Molden in Luster

Mt Molden in Luster is a popular hiking goal amongst the locals. The hike is short, and the fjord view is great. The two to three hours hike in Luster gives you a tremendous view towards the Lustrafjord and the surrounding mountains.

Hike to Mt Dueskard on the  Kaupanger Peninsula

The hike to Dueskard on the Kaupanger Peninsula is great both by foot and by bike, and on skis in the winter. And the view towards the Sognefjord is magical.

Mt Skomakarnipa in Fresvik

This is what we call Fjord View! Do not walk too close to the edge. There is only one thing to say, Skomakarnipa gives you stomach ache.  We had been talking about this hike for many years. But since it was a bit remote, it had so far been with the idea. Until the call became too big. As they say in the Sognefjord area; –The mountains are calling on me and I must go…

Hike from Aurlandsfjellet to Skjerdal by the Aurlandsfjord

This hike starts in the high mountains and ends in the idyllic fjord village Skjerdal above the Aurlandsfjord. You will also experience Skjerdal Stølsysteri and Café, which is a short-travelled and perfect end of the hike. This is a hike where we walked downwards, but the hike was really an upturn.

The Aurlandsdalen Valley in Aurland

The Aurlandsdalen Valley is wild and beautiful. It is situated in the  Flåm and Aurland area in Sogn, and is one of Norway´s most popular hiking destinations. Many people combine this hike with biking along the Rallarvegen (the old Navvies Road), this is an excellent option if you have the time.

Hovdungo in Aurland

The view from Hovdungo mountain pasture is formidable. Here you look straight down to Aurland and the Aurlandsfjord, and over to Stegastein and Aurlandsfjellet on the other side of the valley.

Hiking along the UNESCO-Protected Nærøyfjord

Bleiklindi is a good starting point for walking the Old Postal Road to Styvi six kilometers further out the Nærøyfjord. At Styvi you must turn on the flasher at the quay to give signal to the ferry to stop and take you on board. This is a hike through some of the most scenic fjord-landscape in Norway.

Rimstigen Hike in Sogn

The hike from Tufto by the Nærøyfjord to Rimstigen Viewpoint is steep but easy. The two kilometer long Rimstigen Trail starts by the fjord and ends 725 meters above it. It will take you around 1-2 hours, and the prize is a fantastic view of the UNESCO Protected Nærøyfjord.

Mt Bakkanosi in Sogn

The prize when arriving at the summit of Mt Bakkanosi is a fantastic view down to the UNESCO Protected Nærøyfjord, 1398 meters below you.

Hike to Mt Bøttejuv in Årdal

The view from Mt Bøttejuv (Bucket Gorge) in Årdal is one of the most insane views there is. You should definately put it on your “Bucket List”.
From Mt Bøttejuv you can see straight down on the emerald green Lake Årdalsvatnet, 1320 meters below you, and to the surrounding moutains in Hurrungane and Jotunheimen, the roof of Norway.

Glacier Hike on Nigardsbreen Glacier

Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal is one of the easiest accessible glaciers in the fjord area in Western Norway. A short boat trip and a short hike, and you stand by the foot of the glacier. The hikes on Nigardsbreen can be done in small or large groups. All hikes on the glacier are guided by experienced guides, and all necessary equipment are provided.

Hike to Austerdalsbreen Glacier

Austerdalsbreen Glacier have the reputation of being the finest ice scenery in Europe. From the viewpoint, you can see the three hanging glaciers (Loke, Odin and Tor) falling down from the plateau glacierJostedalsbreen, together creating the beautiful Austerdalsbreen Glacier down in the valley named Austerdalen.

Trolltunga in Hardanger

Ten years ago, only the locals knew about Trolltunga. Due to social media like instagram and facebook,  the hike to Trolltunga has now become one of the greatest hiking icons in Norway. Trolltunga is a rock formation that juts out horizontally, 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda Municipality  in the Hardangerfjord area.

Dronningstien (HM Queen Sonja´s Trail) in Hardanger

In Hardanger, South-Western Norway, there is a hiking trail called Dronningsstien. The trail is famous for being one of HM Queen Sonja´s favorite hiking trails. Whether you hike the whole trail or not, you can expect stunning, paranomic views of the Hardangerfjord.

Lake Bondhusvatnet in Hardanger

Lake Bondhusvatnet and Bondhusbreen Glacier was one of the first places the English tourists visited when they discovered Norway in the mid 1800´s. The trail is 2.5 kilometer long and is surrounded by beautiful and wild nature with steep mountains and cascading waterfalls.


Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) in Ryfylke

Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) in Ryfylke is one of Norway´s great hikes, and the view towards the Lysefjord is epic. Preikestolen is a mountain plateau raging 604 meters above the Lysefjord. The four kilometer long hike and 330 meter climb takes 2-3 hours each way.

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