Norway is “designed for Skiing”. Especially in the west where you have endless ranges of mountains. - Plan your Norway trip with Go Fjords

In Western Norway you can choose between several great Ski Centres or to join a guided ski trip to the summits. The reward are great nature experiences and fantastic skiing.

SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY: The nature in Norway is beautiful but also dangerous. It is important to read about your own responsibility and how to explore the Norwegian nature in a safe way.


Skiing in Norway and in the fjords often takes place in avalanche-dangerous terrain. In general, it is recommended to avoid terrain steeper than 30 degrees and keep a distance to runout zones for avalanches.We recommend that you use sertified guide services when ski-touring in Norway.

IMPORTANT! Always check the Avalanche Forecast in the area you plan to ski before you ski in Norway. At you will also find Avalanche Danger Scale and great information about avalanches and what to consider before you go skiing in the mountains.

IMPORTANT! The snow can be blown to a large Snow Cornice (Snøskavl) in different directions on mountain peaks, mountain edges and in the mountains in general. Never ski/walk close towards an edge where you don´t know if you have the mountain or just a snow cornice under your feet. Snow cornices might break at an angle of 45 degrees inwards, which means that you must keep a good distance to snow cornices.

Use the information you find on at your own risk and your own responsibility. Errors and omissions may occur. Always make your own evaluation. Adapt your own risk to your own skills and by choosing where, when and how you travel. is not a guide or a travel planner, and the information on the pages should not be used accordingly. Marked and mentioned routes are not accurate and will also often change for various reasons, always look for updated information.

Skiing in Romsdal

Romsdal in Møre og Romsdal is one of the best ski-areas in Norway. You travel to Romsdal by train from Oslo/Trondheim to Åndalsnes via the scenic Rauma Railway.

The ski-festival Romsdalsvinter is arranged in March. Tusten Ski Resort in Molde and Bjorli Ski Resort at Bjorli are recommended Ski Resorts.

You can stay at Hotel Aak and Grand Hotel at Åndalsnes. Romsdal Lodge in Isfjorden offer packages with accommodation, ski rental and guiding.

Skiing at Sunnmøre

The Sunnmøre Alps in Møre & Romsdal are an endless eldorado of mountains. Stranda Ski Resort has a fantastic view towards the Storfjord and the Sunnmøre Alps. Sunnmørsalpane Ski Resort is also recommended.

Nordfjord – Ski and Surf

The scenery in Nordfjord is among the most beautiful in Norway, the magnificent mountains and the deep fjord form a fantastic backdrop to winter adventures. A trip to Nordfjord during winter can be spiced up with spa and well-being treatments combined with delicious meals prepared using local ingredients.

You will also find great ski centres in Nordfjord, and you can also ski during summer. Stryn Summer Ski is located by the Strynefjell National Tourist Route, on a glacier arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

Skiing to Mt Skåla in Nordfjord. Video: Anders Vestergård

Skiing in the Sognefjord area

The mountains in the Sogndal Area are well known for it´s snow and fjord view. And Hodlekve Ski Resort in the Sogndalsdalen Valley is great for skiing in the well prepared slopes and also for it´s crosscountry skiing. In Sogndal, they even make they´re own skis, SGN Skis, design to fit the Norwegian Mountains.

The Ski-festival Fjellsportfestivalen is arranged in February. Recommended Ski Centres in the Sognefjord Area are Sogndal Ski Center Hodlekve , Sogn Ski Center at Hafslo, Voss Ski Resort at Voss and Myrkdalen Ski Resort in Voss.

Summer Skiing

There are three Summer Ski Centres in Norway, all of them are located on glaciers. Stryn Summer Ski is located by the Strynefjell National Tourist Route, on a glacier arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski is the one with the highest altitude, just below Mt Galdhøpiggen. Folgefonna Glacier Resort is located on the Folgefonna Glacier in Hardanger, with fjord view to the Hardangerfjord.


Rauma Ski Center
Bjorli Ski Resort

Stordal Alpine Center
Tusten in Molde
Volda Ski Center
Ørsta Ski Center


Breimsbygda Ski Center
Harpefossen Ski Center
Hodlekve Ski Center
Siplo Ski Center
Sogn Ski Center
Stryn Ski Center
Stryn Summer Ski
Sunnfjord Ski Center


Aktiven Skiheis
Eikedalen Ski Center
Fjellhaugen Ski Center
Folgefonn Summer Ski
Kvamskogen Ski Center
Røldal Ski Center
Ski Voss
Voss Fjellandsby


Gullingen Ski Center
Sauda Ski Center
Ådneram Skitrekk
Ålsheia Ski Center
Fidjeland Skitrekk
Sirdal Ski Center

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