You have probably heard of the Garden of Eden. But did you know that it is located on an island outside Stavanger? You can visit the garden yourself to look at all the beauty, it’s like a little wonder.

Flor og Fjære is a wonderful place for those who love flora and fauna. You have to take a boat from Stavanger to the northern tip of the island Sør-Hidle to experience this paradise on earth.

Region Stavanger

Region Stavanger is the official destination company for Rogaland and the Lysefjord Area.

About season and other important information

SEASON AND OPENING HOURS – From mid-May to mid-September, see the website of Flor og Fjære for more precise information about the season, opening hours and other practical information.

BOOKING AND TRANSPORT – A visit to Flor og Fjære must be booked in advance. Transport by boat from Stavanger to Flor and Fjære with return back to Stavanger is included in the booking.

Flor og Fjære on the island Sør-Hidle in Boknafjorden

FJORDS NORWAY - View from Flor og Fjære towards the outer part of Boknafjorden.
View from Flor og Fjære towards the outer part of Boknafjorden.

The story of Flor og Fjære started in the 60s when the Bryn family bought the northern tip of the island Sør-Hidle in Boknafjorden, northeast of Stavanger. The family was above average interested in gardens and flowers, and three generations later the weather-beaten islet has turned into an idyllic oasis of beautiful flowers, exotic trees, trickling streams and ponds with fish.

Every year, thousands of plants and flowers are planted at Flor og Fjære. Throughout a long summer season, guests from all over the world are welcomed to get to experience the nice boat trip from Stavanger, between islets and reefs through the outer part of Boknafjorden to the island Sør-Hidle. After the 20-minute long boat trip, they get a guided tour of the wonderful garden before a meal is served that is made from short-travelled and local ingredients.

After a great meal and something good to drink, guests can wander around the garden on their own before returning to Stavanger by boat, to where the journey and adventure started earlier in the day.

Below you can see a 360 panorama from Flor og Fjære. At the bottom of the panorama, you will find navigation buttons that allow you to “travel” around and focus on places you want to take a closer look at. Some panoramas allow you to “jump” to other locations. The 360 panoramic pictures are provided by 360 Aircam by Arild Solberg.

Lysefjord and Rogaland – What to See and Do


From island kingdom and the flat coastal area on Jæren to deep fjords and high mountains; Rogaland with Stavanger, Jæren, Dalane, Ryfylke and the area around the Lysefjord are known for the mountain formations Kjerag and Preikestolen (the Pulpit rock), Trollpikken (the Troll´s dick), Solastranden Beach and Flor og Fjære.

Preikestolen is a flat mountain plateau raging 604 meters above the Lysefjord. The plateau measures only 25 times 25 meters and with three of the edges going vertically straight down into the fjord. Stay overnight in new innovative cabins while exploring the Ryfylke area. Go on a fjord safari or take a fjord cruise on the Lysefjord.

Drive Ryfylkevegen and Jæren National Tourist Routes. Flørli is located deep into the spectacular Lysefjord, at the base of the Kjerag plateau. Flørli is popular for its 4444 steps right up the mountain, the longest wooden stairway in the world. Lysevegen road runs from Lysebotn at the innermost part of the Lysefjord to Sirdal.

The Swords in Rock monument at Hafrsfjord, five kilometer south-east of the center of Stavanger in Rogaland. This is the place where the battle of Hafrsfjord took place in year 872, when the Viking King Harald Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown.

The Lysefjord is 42 kilometers long and 422 meters at its deepest and is located in the county of Rogaland, near Stavanger, which is a great starting point for experiencing Ryfylke and the Lysefjord, Jæren and the other areas of Rogaland.


Flor og Fjære



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Flor og Fjære outside Stavanger – Map Overview