Hike to Grøvdalsbakken in Romsdal

The hike to Grøvdalsakken in Isfjorden is steep and a bit heavy. But the view when you see Lake Bakkevatnet is priceless.

Drive east to Grøvdalen at the innermost part of Isfjorden. Start at Stølen where the road ends (toll road) in Søredalen in Grøvdalen.



DID Adventure - Hiking in Romsdal


The hike

Follow a nice path in the forest and cross the suspension bridge over the river before the path gets steeper upwards Loftdalen. You need approximately 2 hours to reach the small cabin by Lake Bakkevatnet. Fishing for trout can be done in these lakes, contact Hen Fjellstyre.

If you want to have a longer hike: The path continues to Øvste Bakkevatnet 861m. There is another small hut there.

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Hike to Grøvdalsbakken in Isfjorden – Map Overview