The hike to Dueskard on the Kaupanger Peninsula is great both by foot and by bike, and on skis in the winter. And the view towards the Sognefjord is magical.


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From Dueskard you have a great view down towards Fimreite and to the Sognefjord. This is where one of the main historic events in the Viking age, the battle of Fimreite,  happened in year 1184.

Important – Before you go – The Norwegian Mountain Code

IMPORTANT! The weather can change dramatically in the Norwegian mountains. This is why you have to follow the Norwegian Mountain Code when hiking in Norway. It can change from summer and sunny weather to winter and frost in minutes! Always bring good clothes and hiking shoes. And have enough food and water in your rucksack. Due to the challenging and long hike in rapidly changing weather, we always recommend you to join a Guided Tour.

Note! Most of the hikes described on this website are intended for experienced hikers that know the area. This is one of those hikes.

Season: July to September, depending on temperature and snow. Do not do this hike if there are ice and snow on the trail.

Along gravel road from Sogndal Airport to Lingesete

Most of this hike goes along a gravel road that is closed for car traffic. The hike starts from the crossroad where you drive in to Sogndal Airport at Haukåsen (498 masl). Follow the gravel road westwards until the road splits. Turn left where the road split and then follow the gravel road northwest towards Lingesete which is an old abandoned mountain farm.

(The road that continues to the right at the crossroad goes up to Mt Storehogen. On the summit at Storehogen there is a 42 meter high antenna tower with radio / TV transmitter for the Sogndal area. This is also a nice hike with fantastic view down to Sogndal and the Sogndalsfjord. There is a gravel road all the way to the top at 1172 masl. This is a hike which is also great to do from Kaupanger Idrettspark, there is a good trail all the way from kaupanger to the top).

From Lingesete to Dueskard

FJORDS NORGE - Skilt mot Dueskardhøgdi
Følg skilt mot Dueskardhøgdi

Continue past Lingesete and follow the gravel road in southwesterly direction along Fimreiteåsen for another 1.7 kilometers. There you have to leave the gravel road and continue on a well marked trail. Look for sign to Dueskardhøgdi (1.3 kilometers), follow the trail from there to Dueskard (986 masl).

At Dueskard you have a fantastic view down to Fimreite and to the Sognefjord. You can see all the way to Vangsnes, and you might also glimpse Balestrand which is even further away. You can see over to Feios, and to Slinde and Leikanger on the opposite side of the Sognefjord.

On your left side you can see Fresvik and the outlet of the Aurlandsfjord, where the Aurlandsfjord and the Sognefjord meet. You can see the Aurlandsfjord from Frønningen and all the way to Beitelen, the mountain that divides the Aurlandsfjord in two. This is the outlet of the Nærøyfjord. If you turn around 180 degrees, you will see down to the Sogndalsfjord and to Fardal on the other side of the fjord.

This hike is approximately seven kilometers long each way. It is a relatively long hike and you have to walk the same way back. So this is an almost 15 kilometer long round trip. The altitude difference from the start to Dueskard is 488 meters.

The Viking Battle of Fimreite

From Dueskard you can see straight down to Fimreite and Slinde. The Sognefjord splits these two villages and continues as the Sogndalsfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord. This is where one of the main historic events in the Viking age, the battle of Fimreite,  happened.

In year 1184, King Sverre Sigurdsson with his 14 Viking Ships and King Magnus Erlingsson with his 26 Viking Ships met in the Sognefjord outside Fimreite for the final battle about the Kingship of Norway. King Sverre won the battle and King Magnus and more than 2000 men were killed in the battle.

 Kaupanger Stave Church at Kaupanger in Sogn

Kaupanger Stave Church is one of the largest Stave Churches in Norway, and is built with wood from the forest around Kaupanger.

The church is situated on the hillside above the Kaupanger Bay, which originally is an old Viking trading town. The name Kaupanger origins from the two norse words “Kaup” (to buy) and “angr” (bay).

Sogndal Airport Haukåsen

The hike to Dueskard starts just a few meters from Sogndal Airport at Haukåsen. Just put on your hiking gear, bring your backpack and walk straight from the plane to the mountains.

Sognefjord – What to See and Do

The Sognefjord, the king of the fjords, is the longest fjord adventure in Norway. The Sognefjord is 204 kilometers long and 1308 meters deep at its deepest. Join a glacier walk on the Nigardsbreen glacier, see the beautiful stave churches. Join a fjord safari, a fjord cruise or experience the Sognefjord in a kayak. Experience the view from Stegastein viewpoint above the Aurlandsfjord. Take a short hike to Mt Molden in Luster and you will see the fantastic view down to the Lustrafjord. The view from Mt Skomakarnipa in Fresvik is perhaps the world´s most insane fjord view. The Austerdalsbreen glacier at Veitastrond is known for being the most beautiful glacier in Europe. The Fjærlandsfjord, Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, the Årdalsfjord and the Lustrafjord are all branches of the Sognefjord. These side fjords are perhaps even more famous than the Sognefjord itself, which is located in the middle of western Norway, and which is so long that it almost divides Norway in two.

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