The hike to Mt Saksa starts from Urke down by the Hjørundfjord. The hike is three kilometers long. On these three kilometers you ascend more than 1000 meters. Map to use: Hjørundfjorden 1:50000.


Mt Saksa is located at Sunnmøre, between Norangsfjorden and the Hjørundfjord. You have a great fjord view to the two fjords all the way from the start at Urke to the summit which is located at 1073 masl.


Hiking - Safety, Responsibility and Season

The nature in Norway is beautiful but also dangerous. It is important to read about your own responsibility and how to explore the Norwegian nature in a safe way.

This hike is not suitable for children! The weather can change dramatically in the Norwegian mountains. This is why you should follow the Norwegian Mountain Code when hiking in Norway. It can change from summer and sunny weather to winter and frost in minutes! Always bring good clothes and hiking shoes. And have enough food and water in your rucksack. Due to the challenging and long hike in rapidly changing weather, we recommend you to join a Guided Tour.

NOTE! Most of the hikes described on this website are intended for experienced hikers that know the area. This is one of those hikes. We recommend to use a map and compass on this hike, it also often happens that this mountain area is shrouded in fog.

SEASON & WEATHER: Season is depending on temperature and snow. Seasons mentioned on this website are approximately dates. Hikes mentioned in this website have different seasons. See links to the various hikes to read more about the hikes and season. It is recommended to avoid hiking if there are ice and snow in the terrain and on the trails. Always make your own evaluation about the danger of landslides before and during the hike. Always check the weather before you go hiking. For safety reasons it is recommended to avoid hiking in Thunderstorms and in fog and bad weather!

Use the information you find on at your own risk and your own responsibility. Errors and omissions may occur. Always make your own evaluation. Adapt your own risk to your own skills and by choosing where, when and how you travel. is not a guide or a travel planner, and the information on the pages should not be used accordingly. Marked and mentioned routes are not accurate and will also often change for various reasons, always look for updated information.

Visit Ålesund

Visit Ålesund is the official destination company for the Sunnmøre, Geirangerfjord,  Hjørundfjord and Ålesund area.

About season and other important information

GRADING – Challenging. ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE – This hike starts at approximately 40 masl (Parking lot at Urke). Highest point at approximately 1073 masl (Mt Saksa).

GUIDE – We recommend you to join a Guided Tour to Mt Saksa.

SEASON – July to Mid September, depending on temperature and snow.

NOTE – This hike is not suitable for children! This is a long and demanding hike, you should be an experienced hiker to do this hike. There are several steep, narrow and exposed sections on this hike.

NOTE – We recommend to use a map and compass on this hike since parts of the hike go in areas where there is no trail. It also often happens that Mt Saksa is shrouded in fog.

Urke – The start of the hike to Mt Saksa

The hike to Mt Saksa starts at the center of Urke. Drive to the bridge that crosses Urkeelva River, and continue for about 100 meters on the road that goes up along the west side of the river. There you will find two parking lots (parking fee) on the left side of the road, that is where the trail to Mt Saksa starts.

You walk a short distance through the forest before reaching some open land. Here the path turns and you walk steeply up the forest towards Bentebu. On a short distance, in the forest, you can choose to walk on a tractor road instead of the trail in the forest (see pictures). The trail in the forest is steep but well maintained with stairs made of stone on the most difficult stretches. Bentebu is a nice place to take a break and enjoy the fantastic view towards Norangsfjorden and Øye and the surrounding mountains. Mt Slogen is one of those mountains.

FJORDS NORGE - Panoramautsikt fra Saksa
Panorama View from Saksa towards the Hjørundfjord and the Sunnmøre Apls

Bentebu – Great view towards Øye and Mt Slogen

From Bentebu, the trail continues upwards, but it is not quite as steep as down in the forest. Soon you will come out of the forest, and here the path is more gentle. But this does not last long, because now you start on the climb up the long mountain side, and this is a long, heavy and steep hike. It is a good mix of a natural trail, stones, gravel and stairs made of stones. In the upper part, the trail is steep. You need to be careful to not release stones when walking, it can be dangerous for those who walk behind you.

Mt Saksa – THE VIEW!

The upper part is exposed, but the trail is nice to walk on. The summit of Saksa is at 1073 masl, and the view is formidable. From there you can see the Norangsfjord and almost the entire Hjørundfjord. You can see the fjord villages Øye, Bjørke, Sæbø and Indre Standal and almost all the way to Ålesund. And the view from Mt Saksa towards Mt Slogen is probably as nice as the view from Mt Slogen towards Mt Saksa.

I spent four hours from Urke to Mt Saksa, which is the normal time to use for this hike.

Guiding – There are Guided tours to Mt Saksa, estimated time on the guided hike is five hours in total.

The Hjørundfjord – What to see and do

The innermost part of the 35-kilometer-long Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains, narrow valleys, waterfalls and glaciers. In between all this, there are small idyllic villages down by the fjord, all of which are great starting points for adventures in beautiful nature. Try the world’s most famous swing at Christian Gaard Bygdetun in Trandal. The mountains surrounding the Hjørundfjord are great for hikes and skiing with fjord view. Mt Slogen, Saksa and Urkeegga are the most popular mountains for hiking. Join a fjord cruise or a kayak trip on the Hjørundfjord. Experience beautiful Norangsdalen valley and dive into the ruins of an old mountain pasture in Lake Lyngstøylvatnet. Drink beer at Fjordpuben in Urke. Fish salmon in Bjørkeelva River at Bjørke. The fjord villages Øye and Sæbø are great starting points for exploring the wild and beautiful Hjørundfjord area. Maybe you get to meet the beautiful ghost Linda if you stay overnight in “The Blue Room” at Hotel Union Øye?

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