Ten years ago, only the locals knew about Trolltunga. Due to social media like instagram and facebook,  the hike to Trolltunga has now become one of the greatest hiking icons in Norway with more than 100.000 visitors in 2018. The visitors come from all over the world.

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Trolltunga is a rock formation that juts out horizontally, 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Odda Municipality  in the Hardangerfjord area.

Odda in Hardanger

Odda at the southernmost part of Sørfjorden, a branch of the Hardangerfjord, is the place to travel to if you plan to do the Trolltunga Hike. From Odda, you drive to Skjeggedal which is the starting point of the hike.

The Trolltunga Hike

As one of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway, Trolltunga has during a short time gone from being an unknown place to become one of Norway´s most famous tourist attractions.

This is a relatively long and hard hike. You start at Skjeggedal at the east side of Sørfjorden in Hardanger, north east of Odda. The hike to Trolltunga and return takes around 10 to 12 hours, and is 14 kilometers each way. The ascent from the start of the hike to Trolltunga is 800 meters.

You can save 1 to 1.5 hours hike and 400 meters ascent by joining the Shuttle Bus between Skjeggedal and Mågelitopp where the trail starts. We recommend you to book seat in advance.

The Norwegian Mountain Code

Remember that the weather change quickly in the Norwegian mountains, so bring good clothes and hiking shoes. And have enough food and water in your rucksack. Read about the Norwegian Mountain Code prior to hiking in the Norwegian mountains.

Due to the challenging and long hike in rapidly changing weather, we recommend you to join a Guided Tour. If you join one of the guided tours by Trolltunga Active, there are information meetings at Trolltunga Hotel in Odda at 21:00 hrs in the evening prior to your tour. The guides will inform you about the hike, equipment needed, weather forecast and more.


If you are inexperienced with challenging mountain hikes, you should join a Guided Tour to Trolltunga.

The Trolltunga Trail is marked from the parking lot in Skjeggedal to Trolltunga. Along the trail there are signs showing the distance left to Trolltunga. CONSIDER CAREFULLY WHETHER YOU ARE IN GOOD ENOUGH SHAPE AND HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT BEFORE SETTING OUT.

There are partly mobile phone coverage (Telenor) along the route. The hike is usually possible to do from mid-June, depending on when the snow melts in the mountains. Normally one can hike to Trolltunga until mid-September. And remember- SAFETY FIRST – Always.

During Winter you should always use guide. You can join Guided Snowshoe Hikes with Trolltunga Active.

The Hardangerfjord Area – What to See and Do

The Hardangerfjord area,  the orchard of Norway, is known for Summer Skiing at Folgefonna Glacier and a spectacular fruit tree blossoming in spring. Drive in the Hardanger area and see all the great waterfalls. Hike the famous Trolltunga Hike or the Queens Panorama Trail between Kinsarvik and Lofthus. Join a Fjord Cruise on the Hardangerfjord which is located in the county of Vestland, near Bergen, in the middle of Western Norway.

Accommodation in and around Odda

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