The hike to the abandoned Segestad Mountain Farm is short but steep. It takes you around one hour and the trail is 3.2 kilometer long.

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Segestad at Glomnes is close to the beautiful village Hjelle by Lake Oppstrynsvatnet in Stryn. The old name of the Mountain Farm was Sigvaldstadir, the place of Sigvald the farmer.

Important – Before you go – The Norwegian Mountain Code

IMPORTANT! The weather can change dramatically in the Norwegian mountains. This is why you have to follow the Norwegian Mountain Code when hiking in Norway. It can change from summer and sunny weather to winter and frost in minutes! Always bring good clothes and hiking shoes. And have enough food and water in your rucksack. Most of the hikes described on this website are intended for experienced hikers that know the area.

Season: Mid June to September, depending on temperature and snow. Do not do this hike if there are ice and snow on the trail.

Segestad Mountain Farm

Segestad in Nordfjord was one of the most prosperous farms in Oppstryn due to the good conditions for farming in Glomsdalen. During the Black Death around the year 1350, all the farms in the area around Hjelle were abandoned, but only Segestad continued farming after the Black Death was over. 

Rasmus Skår became a farmer in Segestad in 1782. The farm had four barns outside the main farm. In the autumn they put hay and leaves in these barns. This was transported home by horse-drawn carriage in the winter. During winter, the people made most of the clothes and equipment used to run the farm. The last farmer on Segestad was Jon Sigdestad. He died at home in 1961, only 69 years old.

The hike to Segestad

The hike up to Segestad takes you around one hour and is 3.2 kilometer long. You start the hike from the parking lot (at 32 masl) between Hjelle and Glomnes (parking fee). You need to walk around 500 meters along the road to the bridge at Glomnes, the trail starts on the left side of the Glomsdøla River.

There are several great viewpoints along steep but well marked trail. From the mountain farm at Segestad (at 314 mas) you have a great view down to Lake Oppstrynsvatnet and to the surrounding snowcapped mountains. During the hike you can do a short detour to the viewpoint below the spectacular Glomnesfossen Waterfall (be careful, the viewpoint is slippery and you might be wet).

The hike back from Segestad is on the same scenic trail as you came.

Hjelle and Lake Oppstrynsvatnet

Hjelle is a beautiful and quiet village down by Lake Oppstrynsvatnet. Here you have the beautiful historic Hjelle Hotel which is a great starting point for excursions around the Oppstryn, Stryn, Loen and Olden area.

Gamlebutikken (The Old Shop) at Hjelle is situated down by the lake. The old shop is from 1882 and has been run by the same Hjelle family since the start. They offer small dishes (sandwiches, soup and cake) as well as selling local handicrafts, arts and English porcelain.


FJORDS NORWAY - Hjelle in Oppstryn, towards Lake Oppstrynsvatnet. Nordfjord in Vestland, Norway.
Hjelle in Oppstryn, towards Lake Oppstrynsvatnet.

Kayaking Lake Oppstrynsvatnet

If you have a kayak or SUP, we recommend you to enter the lake at Hjelle and spend some time on the lake. In the early mornings and before midday, there is usually no wind and the lake is often flat like a mirror. It is especialley beautiful to be on the lake during early morning in conditions like that. About 250 meters south of Hjelle Hotel there is plenty of space for parking the car. There is a nice beach next to the road which is a good starting point for Kayak or SUP on the lake. This video is from late May, when the trees are blossoming, the grass is green and the mountains are covered with snow.

Stryn Summer Ski

Hjelle is a great starting point if you want to have fun in the mountains, but also on snow and water. Hjelle is only a short drive from Stryn Summer Ski Resort which is located by Gamle Strynefjellsvegen. Normally there are good skiing conditions, especially in early summer. The summer ski season usually begins at the end of May, depending on the amount of snow on the winter-closed road. After the skiing you can have a refreshing dive into the lake at Hjelle before you enjoy the “After Ski” on the terrace at Hjelle Hotel.


FJORDS NORWAY - Hjelle at Oppstryn in Nordfjord
Stand Up Paddling on Lake Oppstynsvatnet outside Hjelle

Nordfjord – What to See and Do

The glaciers, fjords, sea and mountains in the Nordfjord area have some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer. Stryn Summerski, Hjelle and Segestad in Oppstryn, Rakssetra between Stryn and Loen, Loen Skylift and Via Ferrata, Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden, Lodalen Valley with Lake Lovatnet and Oldedalen Valley with Lake Oldevatnet are all must-visit places when you are in the inner part of Nordfjord. Vågsøy with Kråkenes Lighthouse and Kannesteinen, West Cape, Hoddevik and Bremangerlandet with the Grotlesanden and Vetvika Beaches are some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Norway. Hjelle Hotel in Oppstryn, Hotel Alexandra in Loen and Knutholmen in Kalvåg are all great places to stay. Nordfjord is located in the northern part of the county of Vestland, in the centre of Western Norway.


Accommodation at Hjelle

You can stay at the beautiful and historic Hjelle Hotel at the center of Hjelle. There are also Holiday Cabins at Glomnes at the start of the hike to Segestad.

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