The stunning beach in Hoddevik at Stad on the west coast of Nordfjord is a popular goal for surfers all year round.

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Stad is considered one of Norway’s best surf spots, also during winter. Stad Surfing and Ervik Surfshop will assist you with boards, wetsuits and instructions.

Hoddevik – The Surfers Paradise

The road to the fishing village of Hoddevik in Nordfjord is spectacular in itself. It goes over a mountain pass before descending down towards Hoddevik. There is a beautiful view from the mountain pass down towards the road with it´s hairpin-bends and further down to Hoddevik and the white Hoddevikstranda Beach towards the blue North Atlantic Ocean.

The one kilometer long Hoddevikstranda Beach is rated as one of the ten best surf locations in the world by The Guardian. Zero crowds and the steep and majestic mountains that surrounds the beach are some of the reasons it became one of top ten beaches.

Due to the cold waters in the western coast of Norway you should use wetsuits while surfing at Hoddevik. At Stad Surfing and Lapoint you can rent all necessary equipment and also take surfing lessons from beginners to advanced courses.

There is no grocery store at Hoddevik. The closest grocery store is Joker Stadlandet which is located at Refsnes at Stadlandet, north of Hoddevik. It is a 20 kilometer drive from Hoddevik to the grocery store.

Where to Stay – and Surf

Stad Surfing/Strandro House is located one minute walk away from the surf beach at Hoddevik. At Strandro you have the only Café at Hoddevik. You will find the rooms simple and charming with spectacular views over the magical landscape of the bay. Stad Surfing offer surf lessons from beginners to driven surfers who would like to improve their skills, get better or just need feedback. You can also join Yoga-lessons at Strandro.

Lapoint Surf Camp at Hoddevik offers accommodation and surf lessons. At Lapoint you can buy Surf-packages with different levels, of you can just stay in one of their two camps; Villa Utsikten and Villa Innsikten. Season: March to November.

Hoddevik Strandcamp (Beach Camp) is situatedon the northern side of Hoddevikstranda Beach. You can stay in tent, Caravan or Camper. There is a kiosk, and also a service-building with toilet facilities, showers and water.

Hikes in the surrounding mountains

You can do several Hikes with great view down to Hoddevik. There are hikes that starts from Hoddevik and also from the surrounding area. Common to all the hikes are the fantastic view down to Hoddevik, the beach and the North Atlantic Ocean around Stadlandet, the westernmost area in Norway.

The hike to Mt Mosekleivhornet (540 masl) starts at Dragseidet on the mountain pass between Leikanger and Hoddevik. You can also start the hike from Ervik, north of Hoddevik. Mosekleivhornet is on the north side of Hoddevik, and the view down to Hoddevikstranda Beach is spectacular. We recommend you to use a guide on the hike to Mosekleivhornet.

Another hike is to Høgeheida (370 masl) which is a hill on the South side of Hoddevik. Great panorama-view from the top. The trail is steep and in bad condition, and we recommend you to use a guide on this hike.

Video from Mt Moskleivhornet by Martin Schwarz

West Cape – Stadlandet

Vestkapp (West Cape) at 497 masl is the westernmost part of mainland Norway. The view is epic. On a clear day you can see from the Sunnmøre Alps in the north to Ålfotbreen Glacier towards south east and Bremangerlandet in the south direction. The Vestkapp Cliff is quite flat, but do not walk too close to the edge due to the steep cliffs that ends straight into to the Atlantic Ocean 497 meters below you. West Cape is just a short drive from Hoddevik. It is a 26 kilometer long drive from Hoddevik to West Cape.

Kannesteinen at Vågsøy

Kannesteinen is a three meter high mushroom-shaped rock that has been formed by ice and the waves from the ocean during thousands of years. There is a wheelchair friendly trail down to the beach where Kannesteinen is located. The rock is situated at Oppedal in the western part of Vågsøy, northwest of Måløy. It is a 83 kilometer long drive from Hoddevik to Kannesteinen.

Kråkenes Lighthouse at Vågsøy

Kråkenes Lighthouse was built in 1906 and is located at Kråkenes, at the far end of Vågsøy in Kinn Municipality. Today, the lighthouse and the surrounding area is a popular goal for adventure seekers. People travel there to experience the lighthouse when the storms are at their worst during autumn and winter to see the waves splashing over the lighthouse. But people also come to experience summer and sunsets in the Atlantic Ocean. You can spend the night at Kråkenes Lighthouse and in Stormhuset, which is located 50 meters from the lighthouse. There is also a small café there in the summer.

Grotlesanden Beach, Kalvåg and Bremangerlandet

Grotle and Grotlesanden Beach is situated on Bremangerlandet Island at the Atlantic Coast outside Måløy. You need to take the ferry from Måløy to Oldeide to get there, then drive towards west across the mountainpass to Grotle at the western side of the island. Grotlesanden  is one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway. To see the beach and the Atlantic Coast from a bird’s eye view, you can hike up the hillside towards Mt Veten. The well marked trail starts at the outermost part of Grotle. It is a 99 kilometer long drive from Hoddevik to Grotlesanden, included a ferry from Måløy to Oldeide.

The Nordfjord Area – What to See and Do

The glaciers, fjords, sea and mountains in the Nordfjord area have some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer. Hjelle in Oppstryn,  Loen Skylift and Via Ferrata, Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden, Lake Lovatnet and the Oldedalen Valley with Lake Oldevatnet are a must to visit. Hoddevik, Kråkenes and Bremangerlandet with Grotlesanden Beach are some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Norway. And Hotel Alexandra Loen in Loen is a great place to stay. Nordfjord is located in the northern part of the county of Vestland, in the centre of Western Norway.

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