The area at and around Åndalsnes in Romsdal has a large selection of hotels and other accommodation options.

Åndalsnes and Isfjorden are the largest towns in the area, which lies deep in the Romsdalsfjord. There is a large selection of different types of accommodation, from great hotels and campsites to cozy houses and cabins with fantastic fjord views. Below you can see a list of places to stay in the area around Åndalsnes and at the inner part of Romsdal.

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Panoramic image from the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord. Isfjorden to the left, Åndalsnes in the middle, Romsdalen to the right of the middle and Veblungsnes to the far right.
Panoramic image from the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord. Isfjorden to the left, Åndalsnes in the middle, Romsdalen to the right of the middle and Veblungsnes to the far right.

Åndalsnes – the “Hub” by the Romsdalsfjord

Åndalsnes, the alpine town by the Romsdalsfjord.
Åndalsnes, the alpine town by the Romsdalsfjord.

-Then he told him about Åndalsnes, a tiny settlement up in Romsdalen Valley, surrounded by high mountains which were so beautiful that his mother had always said that that was where God had started when He was creating the world, and that He had spent so long on Romsdalen that the rest of the world had to be done post-haste to be finished by Sunday. Jo Nesbø, The Bat

Åndalsnes is the “Hub” in Romsdal, and is situated in the middle of all the great things that is worth seeing and doing in the Romsdalsfjord area.

View towards Åndalsnes and Isfjorden from Klungnes.
View towards Åndalsnes and Isfjorden from Klungnes.

Åndalsnes is a great place to stay if you want to see and explore Trollstigen, Trollveggen, the Romsdal Gondola, the Rauma Railway and the Romsdalseggen mountain ridge.

Geiranger and the Geirangerfjord are well known places nearby. The road there, Geiranger – Trollstigen National Tourist Route, is an attraction in itself.

If you go westwards, you have the Atlantic Coast with the Atlantic Road, Ona Island with Ona Lighthouse, Bjørnsund and Midsundtrappene. Go North-East, and you will find the beautiful Eikesdal and the Mardalsfossen Waterfall, Aursjøvegen Mountainroad, and Litjdalen Valley. The cities of Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund are nearby. 

Åndalsnes by the Romsdalsfjord.
Åndalsnes by the Romsdalsfjord.

Hotels at and near Åndalsnes

Grand Hotel at the center of Åndalsnes.
Frich´s Ekspress Hotel at Øran near Åndalsnes.
Aak Hotel in Romsdalen near Åndalsnes.

Other accommodation at and near Åndalsnes

Åndalsnes Vandrerhjem at Setnes at Veblungsnes.
Åndalsnes Camping by Rauma River near Åndalsnes.
Mjelva Camping at Mjelva near Åndalsnes.
Soggebru Camping at Sogge near Åndalsnes.
Trollstigen Resort at Sogge between Åndalsnes and Trollstigen.
Trollstigen Gjestegård og Camping in Isterdalen near Trollstigen.
Trollveggen Camping near Trollveggen in Romsdalen.
Bakkebo – Apartments in the center of Åndalsnes.
Villa Romsdalen – Rooms in the center of Åndalsnes.
Åndalsnes Hytteutleie at Setnes at Veblungsnes.

Accommodation in the wild and beautiful Romsdalen Valley

Horgheim ved Trollveggen – Accommodation and Viking History.
Nordre Flatmark – Accommodation and salmon fishing.
Ytterbakke – Farm and Rooms at Sogge near Åndalsnes.

Accommodation in Isfjorden – Accommodation in Isfjorden

Accommodation further out in the Romsdalsfjord

Monsås Gård at Klungnes.
Lensmansgarden – Cabins and apartments in Innfjorden..
Måna Camping in Måndalen.
Saltkjelsnes Camping by Rødvenfjorden.

Romsdalsfjord – What to See and Do

Litlefjellet in Romsdal.
Litlefjellet in Romsdal.

From snowy mountains to beautiful coastline of islands and reefs. Experience all this in one day due to the short distance from mountains to coast.

Trollstigen, The Troll Wall, Romsdalseggen, Rampestreken and Litlefjellet are great places to visit in the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord, where the fjord meets the spectacular and alpine Romsdal mountains.

Drive to the viewpoint Varden at 407 masl and take in the spectacular Molde Panoramic View towards the Romsdalsfjord and the 222 snowcapped mountains. Ona Island and Ona Lighthouse, The Atlantic Road and Midsundtrappene are attractions facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Travel green to Åndalsnes with Rauma Railway, a wild, beautiful and unique experience regardless of season. From Åndalsnes Railway Station, you can walk straight from the train and over to the Romsdal Gondola that takes you up to the city-mountain Mt Nesaksla and Eggen Restaurant.

From Mt Nesaksla you have a fantastic view towards Isfjorden, down to the Romsdalsfjord and up towards the Romsdalen Valley which you have just experienced from the train ride along the Rauma Railway. The Romsdalsfjord is located in the county of Møre og Romsdal, north in Western Norway.

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Here you will find an overview of recommended HOTELS in addition to SPA & BATH HOTELS and OTHER ACCOMMODATION PLACES in Western Norway. The combination of beautiful nature, activities that you can do in all four seasons and a stay at a great accommodation is unique. A stay in one of these places will do you good, both for body and mind.

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