– Skiing and hiking to Mt Blånebba

Mt Blånebba (1322 masl) is one of many great hiking- and ski-touring-mountains in Isfjorden in Romsdal. The view from the summit is epic.


Isfjorden - Blånebba
View from the secondary summit to Romsdalen. Romsdalshorn and Trollveggen behind.

Eastwards you see straight into Vengetind, Romsdalshorn, Trollveggen and down to the Romsdalen Valley. Turn around, and you see the Romsdalsfjord and all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean.


September 2020: Romsdalen and Mt Blånebba is one of Lonely Planets 7 favourite Ski Resorts in Europe.

NOTE! Before you ski in the Romsdal Mountains, please check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal.

Mt Blånebba (1320masl)

Start from the parking lot at Vengedalssetra in Vengedalen, Isfjorden. Same starting point as for the Romsdalseggen Hike.

Follow the same route as the Romsdalseggen Hike to Hesteheia which is the valley below the mountain ridge of Romsdalseggen. You then cross upwards on the steep mountainside until you reach the mountain ridge, from where you have a great view down to Romsdalen and to the surrounding mountains.

Important! Remember to cross upwards the mountainside some distance before the marked path to Romsdalseggen crosses upwards the mountainside. See map and tour description from

When you cross upwards the mountainside, you must stay well to the right of the snow cornices that lie along the mountain ridge above you.

Continue skiing along the mountain ridge towards east, uphill towards Mt Blånebba. The last 100 meters can be demanding depending on the snow conditions, take care.

We recommend to ski down the same route as described when skiing upwards. It is steep skiing back down from the Romsdalseggen Ridge down to Jamnåbotn, then there are more gentle and fun skiing down back to the parking at Vengedalen.

NOTE! The snow can be blown to a large Snow Cornice (Snøskavl) in north direction at the top-ridge. Due to this, never ski further than you can see rocks/stones on the north ridge on Romsdalseggen and towards the summit of Blånebba. Never ski/walk close towards the edge where you don´t know if you have the mountain or just a snow cornice under your feet.

Skiing to Blånebba – Video by Simon Grøndahl

Summerhike to Blånebba

Blånebba is also a great hiking destination in the summer. The summer hike to Blånebba follows the same trail as Romsdalseggen up to the mountain ridge. But instead of going west along Romsdalseggen, you go the opposite way towards Blånebba. From the ridge it will take about an hour each way to Blånebba. As on Romsdalseggen, this part also consists of steep and exposed parts. Here you have to be careful, preferably avoid having children with you here. You do not have to go all the way to Blånebba to get a fantastic view, the view is even greater on the ridge in front of the summit if you have a fear of heights.

Other great ski-touring-mountains in Isfjorden

Isfjorden is surrounded by great ski-touring-mountains, and all the mountains have fjord view. We also recommend skiing to Kirketaket, Kjøvskardtind, Skarven and Galtåtind. In Isfjorden and Romsdal, Guided Tours are recommended.

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