– Skiing to Kirketaket in Romsdal – 2018/2019 Season

Here you can read about the Snow Reports we got for Kirketaket in the 2018/2019-Winter-Season. Read about this years snow measurements at - Plan your Norway trip with Go Fjords

The skiing up to Kirketaket takes around 3 to 5 hours. From the summit, there is more than 1000 vertical meters (3000 feet) of great skiing down to the mountain dairy of Kavliheian which is situated at the foothill of the mountain.

Snow Reports – Winter 2018/2019

07 Apr 2019 – 40 cm snow – Air Temp +6 deg C
+6 deg C and hard icy snow today. Snow from the parking place. It starts to be free of snow in the lowest parts where the sun shines. Cold during night, so it should be enough snow until after Easter ? Reported by Odd Hatlen

16 Mar 2019 – 80 cm snow – Air Temp -4 deg C
-4 deg C at 10.00 hrs, sun from clear blue sky. Around 10cm fresh snow came on Wednesday, but the sun is taking alot in the southern hills and make icy crust during nights. Great snow when skiing down from Søre Klauva today. Probably more than 100 people in the mountains today ? Reported by Odd Hatlen

09 Mar 2019 – 80 cm snow – Air Temp -6 deg C
-6 deg C and sun from clear blue sky in the morning today. 20 cm Dry Powder Snow on the top of the Hard Icy Snow. Reported by Odd Hatlen

06 Mar 2019 – 55 cm snow – Air temp +5 deg C
Almost no snow from Skytterbanen/The Shooting Range ( approx 40 min walking). Suggest starting from Car Park at Øvre Kavli. Dry hard snow up to 1000 masl. Mostly ok but some ice patches from 1000m towards the summit. Reported/Pictures by Morten Nasvik

24 Feb 2019 – 60 cm snow – Air Temp +4 deg C
Variable snow conditions. Wet snow in the lowlands, icy in the heights. Strong wind from South-West today. Reported by Odd Hatlen

20 Feb 2019 – No Snow Report. But the pictures and video show it all. Reported/Pictures/Video by Vidar Brotnov

17 Feb 2019 – 70 cm snow – Hard and icy snow with 10 cm fresh powder snow on the top of the ice. This was above the timberline. Reported by Odd Hatlen

Kirketaket Avalanche 15 Jan 2019. Photo: Liv Kjølen Eriksen
Photo: Liv Kjølen Eriksen

15 Feb 2019 – Big avalanche at Kirketaket today, towards Kavliheian Mountain Pasture at the base of Kirketaket. Reported and Picture by Liv Kjølen Eriksen. Så be careful and always check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal before skiing in Romsdal.



15 Feb 2019 – 70 cm snow
– “Easter Snow” medium February! Mild weather the last days. On the Steinberget Ridge, the rocks starts to appear due to the snow is melting. The snow conditions and the amount of snow down from the summit of Kirketaket is good. Reported by Lars Erik Kavli

20 Jan 2019 – 135 cm snow – Great conditions, half meter loose powder snow. Lots of skiers on Kirketaket and on all other mountains today. Reported by Odd Hatlen

Travel information


Kirketaket seen from Åndalsnes Railway Station. Photo: Jaroslaw Stefanski – @Jarek777You can reach Isfjorden by car, 6 hours from Oslo or 4 hours from Trondheim. By train to the end-station Åndalsnes at one of Norways most spectacular railways, Raumabanen. You can see Isfjorden and Kirketaket from Åndalsnes Railway Station (Left Picture, Photo @jarek777).

From Åndalsnes, it is only a short Taxi-drive to Isfjorden Shooting range, the starting point of the Kirketaket ski trip. The nearest airport is in Molde, then one hour by bus to Isfjorden.

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Kirketaket in Romsdal – Map Overview