– Skiing to Kirketaket in Romsdal – 2018/2019 Season

Kirketaket (1439 masl) is voted among the top 10 mountains in Norway for Alpine Ski Touring by the Norwegian Ski Magazine “Fri Flyt”. Here you can read about the Snow Reports we got in the 2018/2019-Winter-Season.

The skiing up to Kirketaket takes around 3 to 5 hours. From the summit, there is more than 1000 vertical metres (3000 feet) of great skiing down to the mountain dairy of Kavliheian which is situated at the foothill of the mountain.


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  • You can go by train from Oslo or Trondheim to the end-station Åndalsnes at one of Norways most spectacular railways, Raumabanen. You can see Kirketaket and other great ski-mountains from Åndalsnes Railway Station
  • Åndalsnes, Isfjorden and Romsdal is Norway´s “Mecca of Skiing”. All mountains “are delivered” with Fjord View


DID Adventure is the most experienced Adventure Company in the region of Møre og Romsdal, Norway – Creating customized high quality outdoor activities and guiding for groups.

Mt. Kirketaket (1439m) – The Ascent

Kirketaket in Isfjorden, Romsdal, Norway
Green UP – Red DOWN

NOTE! Before you ski on Kirketaket and in the Romsdal Mountains, please check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal.

Kirketaket is a great mountain for alpine ski touring with fjord view. You start at the Shooting Range in Isfjorden (see map at bottom of article). Follow the ski track eastwards up to Stormyra. Cross the flat Stormyra and continue to the left towards Bruhaugen where the ascent starts. Bruhaugen is a popular goal for families with children. Continue up through the forest (north) to the “snow-meter” at Vårseterhjellen. Here you will find a marked pole where you can read off the amount of snow, see below for more info on how to send in the data to Then continue up the forest path from Vårseterhjellen towards Skarsetra Mountain Pasture.

Just before you arrive Skarsetra, take up to the right towards Mt. Steinberget. Here, it is steep and heavy, but fairly easy to cross upwards. Cross the flat Steinberget (981m) until the east end and the steep ascent to the top of Steinberget. Then you ski down a small hill to where you start the ascent towards Kirketaket.

You follow the ridge up, on the left side, towards Kirketaket. It is normal to cross into the wide mountain side of Kirketaket after the narrow left ridge meets the mountain side further up. Then you cross up the mountain side to the summit at 1439 masl. From the summit you have a fantastic panorama-view towards the Romsdalsfjord and the surrounding mountains.

You see the Romsdal mountains towards east and south, the Romsdalsfjord and the Romsdal coast to the west, and the Nordmøre mountains to the north. But best of all; you have more than 1000 vertical metres downhill skiing waiting for you.

The fun part – Skiing down from Kirketaket

From the top, there is more than 1000 vertical meters (3000 feet) of great skiing, with a mix of steep and gentle slopes, down to the mountain dairy of Kavliheian which is situated at the foothill of Kirketaket. From Kavliheia and back down to Isfjorden Shooting Range, which normally is the starting point for the trip, there is fun and gentle skiing.

Video – Kirketaket – Klaus Andreassen

Other great mountains for skiing in Isfjorden

Isfjorden is surrounded by great ski-touring-mountains, and all the mountains have fjord view. We also recommend skiing to Blånebba, Kjøvskardtind, Skarven and Galtåtind. In Isfjorden and Romsdal, Guided Tours are recommended.


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WARNING – Snow Cornice at the summit of Kirketaket

NOTE! The snow can be blown to a large Snow Cornice (Snøskavl) in north direction at the top-ridge. Due to this, never ski further than you can see rocks/stones at the summit of Kirketaket. Never ski/walk close towards the edge where you don´t know if you have the mountain or just a snow cornice under your feet.

There have been two accidents the last years where skiers have been skiing too close to the edge. They fell through the snow cornice and down the north face of the mountain, and one of the accidents was unfortunately fatal.

Snow Cornice (snøskavl) at Kirketaket. Photo: Lars Rikard Morstøl
Photo: Lars Rikard Morstøl – Intersport Åndalsnes

Left picture: One day before the picture was taken, a person left these tracks on the Snow Cornice at the summit of Kirketaket. The day after, the snow and the tracks had disappeared. The person that walked there probably do not know it, but should be very lucky to be alive today!

There are also danger for avalanches at Kirketaket. Always check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal before skiing to Kirketaket and the Romsdal Mountains.


Italian Freeride Skiers visiting Romsdal

Skiers from the Italian Dolomites, the Tirol area, visited Romsdal for one week in April. They were skiing on Mt. Blånebba and Kirketaket and other mountains in the Romsdalsfjord area. It looks like they had a great time, see pictures and video below. Welcome back, Italy! Guides from White Spirit Freeride Guides – Photo: Enrico Masi


Snow Measurements at the base of Kirketaket

The Snow Measurements at KirketaketBetween 2007 and 2013, the skiers sent in the Snow Heights at Vårseterhjellen (300 masl), at the foot of Steinberget. Click on the picture to the left to see how much snow we had these years.

Please send in your snow reports and measurements from Kirketaket (fill in the form below), and we will display them here. You are also welcome to send pictures (or links to video´s on Youtube/Vimeo), and we will try to display them asap on this page. Send the pictures/links to

Snow Reports – Winter 2018/2019

07 Apr 2019 – 40 cm snow – Air Temp +6 deg C
+6 deg C and hard icy snow today. Snow from the parking place. It starts to be free of snow in the lowest parts where the sun shines. Cold during night, so it should be enough snow until after Easter 😁 Reported by Odd Hatlen

16 Mar 2019 – 80 cm snow – Air Temp -4 deg C
-4 deg C at 10.00 hrs, sun from clear blue sky. Around 10cm fresh snow came on Wednesday, but the sun is taking alot in the southern hills and make icy crust during nights. Great snow when skiing down from Søre Klauva today. Probably more than 100 people in the mountains today 😁 Reported by Odd Hatlen

09 Mar 2019 – 80 cm snow – Air Temp -6 deg C
-6 deg C and sun from clear blue sky in the morning today. 20 cm Dry Powder Snow on the top of the Hard Icy Snow. Reported by Odd Hatlen

06 Mar 2019 – 55 cm snow – Air temp +5 deg C
Almost no snow from Skytterbanen/The Shooting Range ( approx 40 min walking). Suggest starting from Car Park at Øvre Kavli. Dry hard snow up to 1000 masl. Mostly ok but some ice patches from 1000m towards the summit. Reported/Pictures by Morten Nasvik

24 Feb 2019 – 60 cm snow – Air Temp +4 deg C
Variable snow conditions. Wet snow in the lowlands, icy in the heights. Strong wind from South-West today. Reported by Odd Hatlen

20 Feb 2019 – No Snow Report. But the pictures and video show it all. Reported/Pictures/Video by Vidar Brotnov

17 Feb 2019 – 70 cm snow – Hard and icy snow with 10 cm fresh powder snow on the top of the ice. This was above the timberline. Reported by Odd Hatlen

Kirketaket Avalanche 15 Jan 2019. Photo: Liv Kjølen Eriksen
Photo: Liv Kjølen Eriksen

15 Feb 2019 – Big avalanche at Kirketaket today, towards Kavliheian Mountain Pasture at the base of Kirketaket. Reported and Picture by Liv Kjølen Eriksen. Så be careful and always check the Avalanche Forecast for Romsdal before skiing in Romsdal.



15 Feb 2019 – 70 cm snow
– “Easter Snow” medium February! Mild weather the last days. On the Steinberget Ridge, the rocks starts to appear due to the snow is melting. The snow conditions and the amount of snow down from the summit of Kirketaket is good. Reported by Lars Erik Kavli

20 Jan 2019 – 135 cm snow – Great conditions, half meter loose powder snow. Lots of skiers on Kirketaket and on all other mountains today. Reported by Odd Hatlen


Send in your Snow Report – Fill in the form below

You are also welcome to send pictures (or links to video´s on YouTube/Vimeo), and we will try to display them asap on this page. Send the pictures/links to

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Kirketaket – Hiking in the summer

Kirketaket and the surrounding mountains are also great for hiking. You can hike the same route as in wintertime, via Steinberget and then up Vesteggen to the top.

Another great hike is Hesteskotraversen (Horse Shoe Traverse) via Vetle Klauva to Klauva and then up the ridge to Kirketaket.

This is a longer and heavier hike and does not require climbing gear if the mountain is dry. This route is exposed between Klauva and towards the summit of Kirketaket. The pitures below taken from the Vengedalen Valley, and most of the route is visible. Vetle Klaura and Klauva to the left and Kirketaket to the right. Kirketaket is very ‘rocky’ which results in quite a tough hike down. Guided Tours are recommended.

Travel information


Kirketaket seen from Åndalsnes Railway Station. Photo: Jaroslaw Stefanski – @Jarek777You can reach Isfjorden by car, 6 hours from Oslo or 4 hours from Trondheim. By train to the end-station Åndalsnes at one of Norways most spectacular railways, Raumabanen. You can see Isfjorden and Kirketaket from Åndalsnes Railway Station (Left Picture, Photo @jarek777).

From Åndalsnes, it is only a short Taxi-drive to Isfjorden Shooting range, the starting point of the Kirketaket ski trip. The nearest airport is in Molde, then one hour by bus to Isfjorden.

Useful Links

Isfjorden Web Cam and AirCam Romsdal

Isfjorden Web Cam – View from Åndalsnes
AirCam Romsdal with Romsdalseggen by Arild Solberg
AirCam Litlefjellet and Romsdal by Arild Solberg

Accommodation in Isfjorden

Romsdalseggen Camping
Romsdal Lodge
Villa vengetind
Kavli Holidayhouse
Klara House

Guiding and Equipment Rental (Ski – Hiking – Kayaking)

Romsdal Lodge
Villa Vengetind
Heinåli Kayak Guiding and Rental

Winter – Avalanche Forecast

Avalanche Forecast for the Romsdal Mountains


Woldstad Gård Farm Restaurant

Event Agency

Romsdal Event


Bunnpris Isfjorden

Tourist Information and activities in Isfjorden, Åndalsnes and Romsdal

Tourist Information Åndalsnes and Romsdal
The Romsdalseggen Hike
Mt. Litlefjellet – Short Hike with Great View
Mt. Kirketaket – One of Norway´s top Ski Touring Mountains
Activities and attractions in Romsdalen
Trollstigen Mountain Road
Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata
Romsdalstrappa and Rampestreken
Rauma Ski Center at Skorgedalen
Norsk Tindesenter at Åndalsnes
Trollveggen Visitor Center – Guide to the Romsdal Mountains

Tourist Information Norway and the Fjords

Visit Norway: Safety in the Norwegian Mountains
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Kirketaket in Romsdal – Map Overview

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