– Hike to Litlefjellet

The hike to Litlefjellet is short, but the view from the summit is fantastic.

Featured Image: Litlefjellet – Photo: Giulio


Isfjorden - Litlefjellet
Mt Litlefjellet in Isfjorden. Romsdalshorn and Trollveggen in the background.

If you visit Romsdal during summer and autumn, we recommend you do the short hike up to Litlefjellet in Isfjorden.

Vengedalen Valley

The hike to Litlefjellet starts from the Vengedalen Valley. This is the same valley as the start of the Romsdalseggen Hike, but the hike to Litlefjellet starts further into the valley. Pass Lake Vengedalsvatnet and drive towards the base of Mt Romsdalshorn. You can see the Litlefjellet mountain ridge on your right side. You can also spot the trail on the hillside.

The hike to Litlefjellet

The trail to Litlefjellet is well marked. The steepest part of the trail is secured with chains. Litlefjellet is a wide ridge between Mt Romsdalshorn and Mt Blånebba. This is a short hike with a great view down to Romsdalen Valley and towards well known mountains like Trollveggen, Romsdalshorn, Vengetind and Blånebba. You can also see all the way to Åndalsnes and the Romsdalsfjord.

The hike takes around 30 minutes, and is a great and easy alternative to the Romsdalseggen hike.  Be aware that the ridge has steep downwards hillsides on both sides. Always keep children in a safe distance from the steep edges.

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