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Romsdalseggen in Romsdal has in short time become one of the most popular hikes in Norway. The hike starts in the Vengedalen Valley in Isfjorden and ends in the city center of Åndalsnes.

The prize is a fantastic view over the Romsdalen Valley and the Romsdalsfjord. From Romsdalseggen you can actually see all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.


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In the high season, you can join a bus from Åndalsnes to the Vengedalen Valley which is the starting point of the Romsdalseggen Hike. Then there are several bus departures each day.  Book bus-tickets online or at the Tourist Information at Åndalsnes.

Romsdalseggen – Different routes with different difficulties

Note! This is a challenging hike, not recommended for children and unexperienced hikers.

We recommend you to take the Romsdalseggen-bus from the center of Åndalsnes to the Vengedalen Valley in Isfjorden and start from the parking site at the Vengedalssetra Mountain Pasture (380 mas). The trail is well marked, and you hike uphill the first two kilometers to Hesteheia where the trail divides in two different directions. On the way up to Hesteheia you need to cross the river, this is the last chance to fill your bottles with water if you hike the normal route.


The Normal Route

If you want to hike the normal route you must follow the trail in the westwards direction from Hesteheia, steep up towards the ridge. The view from the ridge is great, you see mountains like Romsdalshorn, Vengetind and Trollveggen around you. You can see straight down to the Romsdalen Valley, and if you turn 180 degrees you can see the Romsdalsfjord and all the way out to the Atlantic Coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

A great but short detour from the ridge is the opposite way towards Mt. Blånebba. This will take an hour extra, but is well worth the time. As on the Romsdalseggen Ridge, this hike also consists of steep and exposed intervals. Take care.

Follow the ridge towards Mt. Nesaksla and Åndalsnes, the trail goes through flat terrain but parts of the ridge are narrow and with steep downwards mountainsides on both sides. This is the most exposed part of the trail, and you should be well equipped and be an experienced hiker to walk this route. Parts of the trail are secured with chains. Continue along the ridge to Mjølvafjellet, this is where the two different routes meets again and where you follow the same trail again towards Mt. Nesaksla and down Romsdalstrappa to Åndalsnes.

Romsdalseggen via Høgnøsa and Mjølvafjellet

This hike is longer, but more gentle, and you avoid the the most exposed and narrowest part of the trail. From Hesteheia, where the trail divides, you continue towards north-west and follow the Jamnåbotn Valley to Kaffekjelbua, a small cabin with “open door”. This is where you have the last chance to fill your bottles with water before heading upwards towards Høgnøsa and the ridge upwards to Mjølvafjellet where you again meet the Normal Route Trail.

Mt. Nesaksla, Romsdalstrappa and Rampestreken

The two trails meets again at Mt. Mjølvafjellet from where you follow the path, slightly downwards, to Mt. Nesaksla (715 mas). You need to pass Mjølvaskaret (1216 mas) on your way to Nesaksla. Mjølvafjellet is a narrow ridge, and the path is nice and easy. But due to the narrow steep mountainsides downwards on both sides of the trail, you should not be afraid of heights.

The descent from Nesaksla is steep, but the trail is good and many intervals are stairs made of stones. This part is called Romsdalstrappa, and is a popular hiking-trail among locals and tourists. Below Mt. Nesaksla it is “mandatory” to have a stop at the Rampestreken Lookout (550 mas), a selfie here is a must. Great view towards the Romsdalsfjord and the Isterdalen Valley and Rauma River.

It is recommended to not bring children on this hike due to the steep, exposed and long and demanding terrain. If you have children and want to see the Romsdalen Mountains, we recommend a hike to Mt. Litlefjellet instead.

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