– Summer Ski at Trollstigen

The last weekend in may 2017 we visited Isfjorden in Romsdal, and one day we decided to drive up the Trollstigen Mountain Road.

Trollstigen Mountain Road had opened four days earlier after being closed during the winter.  We brought the skis with us, and decided to ski towards Mt. Alnestind (1679 m.a.s).


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Skiing from Trollstigen to Mt. Alnestind

We parked the car by the roadside, at around 827 m.a.s, just before the mountain pass. From here we had a great ski trip to one of the most popular summer-ski-touring-mountains in the Romsdal area.

From the summit, which is on the border between Romsdal and Sunnmøre, we had a fantastic view towards the surrounding mountains, the Romsdalsfjord and the Atlantic Coast.


The skiing down back to the road was fun, the snow was good despite the warm temperature. We stopped at the Trollstigen Mountain Plateau on our way back, and visited the viewpoint where we could see the Trollstigen Mountain Road from above. We could see the Isterdalen Valley and Åndalsnes and the Romsdalsfjord in the background. We continued driving back to Isfjorden, and some of us had a swim in the Romsdalsfjord before we headed back to our cabins in Isfjorden.

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