The Hjørundfjord

The Hjørundfjord is the “neighbour-fjord” to the more famous Geirangerfjord. The inner part of the 35 kilometre long Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains, watefalls and glaciers.

At the innermost part of the fjord you find the villages Sæbø and Øye. Øye with it´s mythical Hotel Union Øye. Maybe you will meet beautiful Linda, the ghost that lives in the hotel, in the “Blue Room”. A popular hike from Øye is to Mt. Slogen, a challenging hike with a fantastic view down to the Hjørundfjord.


Some highlights from the Hjørundfjord area

Hiking and Skiing with Fjord View, Mt. Slogen and Saksa are the two most famous mountains for hiking. Join a Fjord Cruise or Kayak on Hjørundfjorden. Dive in the ruins of an old mountain pasture in the Norangsdalen Valley. Drink beer at the Fjord Pub at Urke. Fish salmon at the Bjørkeelva River at Bjørke. Sleep in Hotel Union Øye, maybe you will meet the ghost in the Blue Room? The Hjørundfjord area are made for people seeking for adventure, excitement, silence and beautiful and wild nature.

The worlds most stunning Swing

A picture of a swing at Trandal on Instagram made the Hjørundfjord world famous. Trandal is a small and quiet village with a great view towards the fjord, and after the picture went viral, many tourists have visited the place to see the swing themselves.


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The Hjørundfjord – Map Overview