Klungnes is a beautiful fjord village with a great view towards the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord and the Romsdal Mountains.

Go Fjords - Åndalsnes by the Romsdalsfjord

Take a short detour by car from Riksvei 64 at Torvika between Åndalsnes and Åfarnes in Romsdal.

Torvika and Klungnes, 2.5 kilometers epic view

If you have time, we recommend you to park the car at Torvika and walk the 2.5 kilometer long dead end road to Klungnes. The scenery from the road is out of this world. From the start at Torvika you have a beautiful view towards the inner part of the Romsdalsfjord, towards Isfjorden with Mt Kirketaket and Juratind, and towards Åndalsnes and Romsdalseggen Mountain Ridge.

Continue the walk towards Klungnes at the outer part of the road, and you can see straight across the Romsdalsfjord to  Innfjorden with it´s surrounding mountains.

Read about a previous trip to Klungnes, during spring, and see the beautiful pictures.

Torvika and Klungnes – History

Klungnes is known to be the historic place where the Scottish mercenary George Sinclair and his army went ashore in August 1612 on their way to fight in the Kalmar War, a war between Denmark-Norway Union and Sweden. The outdoor theater Sinclairspelet based on this historical event was arranged at Klungnes between year 2002 and 2008.

Hike from Klungnes to Mt Veten

FJORDS NORWAY - Mt Torvikveten at Klungnes by the Romsdalsfjord
Mt Veten seen from Åndalsnes, Klungnes and Torvika in front of the mountain.

The hike from Klungnes to Mt Veten take you around one and a half hour, from the start at Klungnes at 84 mas to the summit at 506 meters above the Romsdalsfjord. You can start the hike at Torvika, then it is a 2.5 kilometer long hike along the road as a “warm up” before the hike starts from Klungnes along a tractor road. You can also park the car at the end of the road at Klungnes and start the hike from there.

Follow the tractor road into the forest and then, after a descent, take to the left and follow the road around 200 meters. Then take to the right and continue along a well marked trail. Follow the trail up the mountain side until you reach the mountain ridge, then follow a a tractor road until the end and then follow the trail to the television-transmitting mast at the summit of Veten.  The end of the hike is steep, but the trail is secured with chains in the steep parts to make it safe.

There are actually two “Veten”; Klungnesveten at 485 masl and Straumsveten at 506 masl, it is only a short distance between them. Straumsveten is  the one that is furthest away, from where you have a great view outwards the Romsdalsfjord towards Måndalen and all the way to Molde. Straumsveten is more exposed, so be careful and do not bring any children there.

The hike is marked from the start at Klungnes. The marks are not the standard marks, but marks that are made by the locals.

Reference: Romsdal.com

MONSÅS GÅRD – Accommodation at Torvika

Monsås Gård is beautifully situated at Torvika by the Romsdalsfjord, overlooking the majestic Romsdal mountains. You can stay in the middle of this idyllic scenery, surrounded by domestic and wild animals and flowers, and start your mountain hike just from the doorstep. The commercial below is partly filmed at Monsås Gård.

Romsdal and the Romsdalsfjord Area – What to See and Do

From snowy mountains to beautiful coastline of islands and reefs. Experience all this in one day due to the short distance from mountains to coast. Ona Island and Lighthouse, The Atlantic Road, Midsundtrappene, Trollstigen, The Troll Wall, Romsdalseggen, The Romsdal Gondola and Litlefjellet are great places to visit. The Romsdalsfjord is located in the county of Møre og Romsdal, north in Western Norway.

Accommodation at Åndalsnes and in Romsdal

Grand Hotel Bellevue at Åndalsnes
Aak Hotel at Sogge outside Åndalsnes
Hotel Geist at Øran at Åndalsnes
Åndalsnes Vandrerhjem på Setnes
Åndalsnes Camping by Rauma River
Mjelva Camping at Mjelva outside Åndalsnes
Trollveggen Camping by the Troll Wall
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