Loen and Olden in Nordfjord are two villages in the middle of some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer.

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Hiking, mountaineering, biking, kayaking, glacier hiking and skiing are some keywords for the Loen and Olden area.

Some highlights in Loen and Olden area

In Loen you can experience Loen Skylift and Via Ferrata, Lodalen Valley and Lake Lovatnet.  The Oldedalen Valley, Lake Oldevatnet and Briksdalsbreen Glacier is a must to visit in the Olden area.

Alexandra Hotel & Spa in Loen is the place to stay if you visit Loen and Olden in Nordfjord.

Loen Skylift and Via Ferrata in Loen, Nordfjord

Loen Skylift at Mt Hoven in Loen in Nordfjord is a gondola that goes from fjord to mountain in five minutes. Great view to the inner part of Nordfjord; Loen and Lodalen Valley with Lake Lovatnet, and Olden, Oldedalen Valley and Lake Oldevatnet. Hoven Restaurant at Mt Hoven with fantastic view over the Nordfjord Panorama.

Loen Skylift is a popular goal for hikers, skiers and people that want to see some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer. Via Ferrata Loen is a great adventure you can experience from Loen. Climb up to Mt. Hoven,  take a cold beer at Hoven Restaurant and take Loen Skylift back down to the fjord.

Hiking to Briksdalsbreen Glacier

Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. The hike from Briksdalen Valley to the glacier is one of most scenic hikes in Norway. The trail is surrounded by beautiful and wild nature, with steep mountains, wild rivers and waterfalls everywhere. The altitude difference from the start to the end of the trail by the glacier lake is 200 meters.

Lake Oldevatnet and the Oldedalen Valley in Nordfjord

Drive the Oldedalen Valley along Lake Oldevatnet in Nordfjord towards Oldedalen and the Briksdal Glacier. It is difficult to drive this road without having several photo stops. Beautiful and wild scenery everywhere.

Lake Lovatnet and the Lodalen Valley in Nordfjord

Drive the Lodalen Valley along Lake Lovatnet in Nordfjord towards the inner part of Lodalen. Several photo stops along the road. Beautiful and wild scenery everywhere. At the inner part of the Lodalen Valley you can see the Kjenndalsbreen Glacier, part of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

Breng Seter by Lake Lovatnet

Breng Seter is an abandoned farm yard by Lake Lovatnet. It is dated as far back as year 1340. The beautiful area around the farm yard is today used as a recreation area and for swimming in the lake. The view from Breng Seter is absolutely stunning, especially during spring when the valley is green and the mountains are covered in snow.

The Loen Accidents

At the beginning of the 20th century the two farming settlements Bødal and Nesdal near the southern end of the 11.7 kilometer long Lake Lovatnet were flourishing places with good conditions for farming.

But near Bødal and Nesdal was also the mountain Ramnefjellet, 1493 meters high, from which a number of rockfalls had started to take place every year. Especially during 1904 the number of these rockfalls were increasing. The nature had started to give its warnings of what was to come.

Loen and Olden – The Skiing

The scenery in the Loen and Olden area is among the most beautiful in Norway, the magnificent mountains and the deep fjord form a fantastic backdrop to winter adventures. A trip to Loen, Olden and Stryn during winter can be spiced up with summit trips, spa and well-being treatments combined with delicious meals prepared using local ingredients.

Mt Skåla, Kyrkjenibba, and Sisiliekruna are popular ski touring mountains. Loen Skylift and Mt Hoven is a great starting point for ski touring.

You will find great ski centers in Nordfjord, and you can also ski during summer. Stryn Summer Ski is located by the Strynefjell National Tourist Route, on a glacier arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

Alexandra Hotel & Spa, Loen

Hotel Alexandra in Loen has been receiving guests for more than 125 years, and is still run by the same family as from the start at 1884. The luxurious Bad and Spa offers facial treatments, body-wraps and massage and a wide range of other treatments. In 3700 square meters there is a large outdoor swimming pool and indoor waterslide. The pools are heated all year.  Several children`s pools inside and outside with water-slides and waterfall.

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