There are seven restaurants that have awarded Michelin stars and Michelin plates in Western Norway. Five of the Michelin Restaurants are in Stavanger and two are in Bergen.


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After a day of activities and adventures in the fjords, in the mountains or in the city, you must have something good to eat and drink. A meal can also be an adventure, that’s why these restaurants have been added to the list of the world’s best.

Bare in Bergen

Restaurant Bare is located on Torgalmenningen in Bergen in the same building as Børs Hotel. The restaurant has one Michelin star. Bare has several restaurants, it is on the third floor that you will find the Michelin restaurant.

Lysverket in Bergen

Restaurant Lysverket is located in Rasmus Meyers Allé in Bergen. The restaurant has one Michelin plate and is located in the same building as KODE 4, one of four KODE museums in Bergen.

K2 in Stavanger

Restaurant K2 is located in Pedersgata near Johannesparken in Stavanger. The restaurant, which has one Michelin plate, is run by the couple Elisabeth Kress and Ola Klepp, hence K2. The menu is seasonal with local ingredients.

SÖL in Stavanger

Restaurant SÖL is located in Hetlandsgata in the center of Stavanger. The restaurant that has a Michelin plate is known for its Nordic cuisine.

Sabi Omakase in Stavanger

Restaurant Sabi Omakase is located in Pedersgata in Stavanger. The restaurant has one Michelin star. Sabi Omakase is a Sushi restaurant where you get introduced and at the same time experienced the preparation of the food. ONE MENU ONLY – SUSHI “OMAKASE” CHEF.

Tango in Stavanger

Restaurant Tango in Skagen in Stavanger is an intimate and small restaurant with a menu that is seasonal with local ingredients. The restaurant has a Michelin plate.

RE-NAA in Stavanger

Restaurant RE-NAA is located in Nordbøgata at the far end of Vågen in Stavanger. The restaurant has two Michelin stars. Here you are literally sitting around the kitchen and can see your food being prepared.

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