Oldedalen Valley is a great valley for adventures. Here you will experience the wild nature at its most beautiful.

Lake Oldevatnet in Oldedalen is 11 kilometers long and is only 33 meters above sea level. A narrow strait divides the lake in two. This is where Oldevatn Camping is situated.

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INFORMATION ABOUT THE ROAD ALONG OLDEDALEN VALLEY – Many of the roads in Western Norway can be prone to landslides and avalanches, especially in rainy and snowy weather. The road along Oldedalen Valley is one of these exposed roads.

Morning mood by Lake Oldevatnet

We spent the night at a picnic area on the southwest side of Lake Oldevatnet in Nordfjord. We woke up to a sunny day and had breakfast with the most beautiful view in the world.

Oldedalen Valley really offered the best of itself that morning. The snow-capped mountains were reflected in the lake, the birds chirped and the sound of all the waterfalls could be heard far away.

A short drive along Lake Oldevatnet in the morning

After breakfast out in the open air, we drove north along Lake Oldevatnet to see the beautiful nature. The water is often calm early in the day, and we had to stop along the road to take some pictures. We found a great place that was perfect both for regular photography and for the drone. See the pictures and video below.


Along the Oldedalen Valley

Lake Oldevatnet in Olden. Nordfjord, Norway.
Lake Oldevatnet in Olden, Nordfjord.

Oldedalen in Nordfjord is a “fairytale valley” located between Olden and Briksdalen. Here you get to experience wild nature at its most beautiful.

Drive the Oldedalen Valley along Lake Oldevatnet in Nordfjord towards Oldedalen and the Briksdal Glacier.

It is difficult to drive this road without stopping for several photo stops. Beautiful and wild scenery everywhere.

In Briksdalen, in the heart of Oldedalen, you can go for a hike to Briksdalsbreen. You can also join a Briksdal glacier in a “Troll car” if you don’t have the opportunity to walk yourself.

Lake Oldevatnet is 11 kilometers long and is only 33 meters above sea level. A narrow strait divides the lake in two, where Oldevatn Camping is located in idyllic surroundings.

Below you can see a video from the drive along Oldedalen Valley.

Hiking to Briksdalsbreen Glacier

View from the trail towards Briksdalsbreen Glacier.
View from the trail towards Briksdalsbreen Glacier.

Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

The hike from Briksdalen Valley to the glacier is one of most scenic hikes in Norway.

The three kilometer long trail is surrounded by beautiful and wild nature, with steep mountains, wild rivers and waterfalls everywhere.

The altitude difference from the start to the end of the trail by the glacier lake is 200 meters. You can also join a ride to the glacier in a “Troll Car”.

Nordfjord – What to See and Do

View from Loen Skylift in Nordfjord, Norway.

The mountains, glaciers, fjords and the coastline in the Nordfjord area have some of the finest scenery Norway has to offer.

Stryn Summer Ski, Hjelle and Segestad in Oppstryn, Loen Skylift and Via Ferrata, Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Olden, Lodalen Valley with Lake Lovatnet and Oldedalen Valley are all must-visit places when you are in the inner part of Nordfjord.

The Lodalen valley is like a postcard, there is beautiful and wild nature everywhere you turn. Kjenndalsstova is a great starting point for adventures on lake Lovatnet. There you can rent rowing boats and a canoes, and join guided fishing trips. They also offer boat trips with the tourist boat MS Kjenndal which runs between Kjenndalsstova and Sande by lake Lovatnet.

Rakssetra is located up on the hillside at Oppheim between Loen and Stryn. The view from Rakssetra down to Nordfjord, Oldebukta and Olden is fantastic.

Vågsøy with Kråkenes Lighthouse and Kannesteinen, West Cape and Bremangerlandet with Grotlesanden Beach are some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Norway. The stunning beach in Hoddevik at Stad on the west coast of Nordfjord is a popular goal for surfers all year round. Hoddevik is considered one of Norway’s best surfing areas.

Hjelle Hotel in Oppstryn, Hotel Alexandra in Loen and Knutholmen in Kalvåg are all great places to stay. Nordfjord is located in the northern part of the county of Vestland, in the centre of Western Norway.

Hotels and Accommodation in Stryn, Loen and Olden

Accommodation in Stryn and Oppstryn

Hjelle Hotell at Hjelle in Oppstryn
Cabins at Glomnes at Hjelle in Oppstryn
Stryn Hotel in Stryn
Visnes Historic Hotel in Stryn
Stryn Camping in Stryn
Strynsvatn Camping in Oppstryn
Lidasanden by Lake Oppstrynsvatnet

Accommodation in Loen

Hotel Alexandra in Loen
Hotel Loenfjord in Loen
Sande Camping by Lake Lovatnet
Loenvatn Feriesenter by Lake Lovatnet
Sandeåsen Feriehytter by Lake Lovatnet
Kjenndalstova at the inner part of Lake Lovatnet

Accommodation in Olden

Oldevatn Camping
Aabrekk Gard in Oldedalen
Melkevoll Bretun Camping
Yrineset by Lake Oldevatnet
Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge
Olden Camping Gryti
Olden Fjordhotel in Olden

Loen and Olden – Useful Links

Gondola in Loen – Loen Skylift
Adventure Company in Loen – Loen Active
Briksdal Adventure Adventure in Olden – Briksdal Adventure



Here you will find an overview of recommended HOTELS in addition to SPA & BATH HOTELS and OTHER ACCOMMODATION PLACES in Western Norway. The combination of beautiful nature, activities that you can do in all four seasons and a stay at a great accommodation is unique. A stay in one of these places will do you good, both for body and mind.

There are ten restaurants that have awarded Michelin stars and Michelin awards in Western Norway. Eight of the Michelin restaurants are in Stavanger and two in Bergen. Here you will find FJORDS MICHELIN, where you will also find a list of recommended hotels in Western Norway, recommended by Michelin.

USEFUL LINKS is a list of websites with great information on Norway and the Fjords. FAQ is an overview of articles that answer the most common questions you have when planning to visit the fjords in Western Norway.

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