The domain and trademark FJORDS are for Sale

What is Norway best known for? It´s FJORDS.
The  domain and the Trademark
FJORDS® are now for Sale.

The domains (China) – (Sweden) – ( Finland) – (Italy) – (Spain) – (Netherland) – (Austria) – (Switzerland) and (United States) are for sale in addition to @fjords on facebook and @fjords on instagram. The registered trademark FJORDS® in several classes of goods and services in Norway are also for sale.

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Fjord, from the norse “fjörðr”, means “der man ferder over” (English “where you travel across”) or “å sette over på den andre siden” (english “put across to the other side”). It has the same origin as the norwegian word “ferd” (english “fare” or “travel”). Source:


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