Where there is a fjord there is also a river. In western Norway there are many rivers which is famous for its Salmon Fishing.

The rivers in the fjords are also surrounded by beautiful and wild nature. Here you will kill two birds with one stone, you will have both a great nature- and fishing experience.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Western Norway

FJORDS NORWAY - Salmon Fishing in Rauma River, below the Troll Wall. Torbjørn Heen is the happy fisherman, from the 70´s. Photo: Knut Hoem.
Salmon Fishing in Rauma River, below the Troll Wall. Torbjørn Heen is the happy fisherman. Photo: Knut Hoem.

In Norway, salmon fishing in the rivers has been important to people since the dawn of time. At the end of the 19th century, the salmon rivers also became an important source of secondary income for those who owned the rivers.

That was when the English tourists discovered Norway, and the Salmon Lords became a well-known phenomenon. It was people from the English upper classes that travelled to Norway and the fjords to fish for Atlantic Salmons in the rivers.

The river Rauma, which runs through the Romsdalen Valley and past the Troll Wall, was one of the rivers which the salmon lords liked. Today, Elveguiden offers salmon fishing in 26 fishing spots in the Rauma river, several of the spots are located just below the Troll Wall.

Elveguiden (The River Guide)

Today, salmon fishing is a cherished hobby for many. And now, most of the rivers in Norway are gathered in a common web portal; Elveguiden.

For the salmon fisher, Elveguiden is a great website and app for buying a fishing license and for reporting the catch. An easy and complete solution with information and overview for the fisher.

In Norway, the salmon fishing season in the rivers usually lasts from 1 June to 31 August. In some rivers the season is shorter.

Elveguiden – Rivers in Norway – Map Overview

Map of rivers in Norway where you can buy Fishing Licenses via Elveguiden



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