Solheim Gard is situated by the Lustrafjord in Høyheimsvik, at the headland between Gaupne and Luster.

The Lustrafjord and the Luster area is one of the most beautiful spots in Norway, where the fjord meets the top of Norway with it´s numerous mountains and glaciers.

Solheim Gard

Our goal is to start up Solheim Gard in the summer of 2024. Until then we hope you will be inspired by the pictures and video from Solheim Gard and the beautiful Lustrafjord area.

The Lustrafjord, a branch of the Sognefjord

Fjords Norway - Kayaking the Lustrafjord.Luster and Feigumfossen Waterfall.
Feigefossen Waterdall by Feigum by the Lustrafjord.

The Lustrafjord and Luster area is deemed to be one of the most beautiful spots in the country. It is where the fjords meet the top of Norway and the mountains and glaciers never ends. There are many wonderful and exciting things to see and do there.

Solvorn is an idyllic village located down by the Lustrafjord. The oldest historical hotel and one of the finest, the Walaker Hotel, is located in the village. Time has in a way stood still in Solvorn. Many of the original buildings have been preserved and refined.

From Solvorn, you can take the small ferry across the Lustrafjord to Ornes and visit Urnes Stave Church and see the mighty Feigefossen waterfall which reveals itself in the spring. Urnes Stave Church is the oldest of our remaining stave churches in Norway, and is one of four world heritage sites in Western Norway.

The hike to Mt Molden gives you a fantastic view both in and out of the Lustrafjord. The locals claim this is the best view in Luster, and in Luster there are many great viewpoints.

FJORDS NORWAY - Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedalen in the Sognefjord area.
Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal in Luster.

Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedal and Austerdalsbreen glacier at Veitastrond are two of the most beautiful and most easily accessible glaciers in Norway. Mørkridsdalen and Fortunsdalen are two classic areas for mountain hikes near Skjolden, which is located at the innermost part of the Lustrafjord. Stay at Skjolden Hotel in Skjolden, a great hotel with short-travelled food and drinks from the top shelf.

High in the Jotunheimen mountains, the Sognefjellet Mountain Road runs between the Lustrafjord and the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. The Sognefjellet National Tourist Route is the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe with its 1434 meters above sea level at the highest point. Along the road is Turtagrø Hotel, Sognefjellshytta and Krossbu where you can stay and get information and guide to Hurrungane and the mountains and glaciers around Sognefjellet, which is one of Norway’s wildest mountain areas.

The Lustrafjord is approximately 40 kilometers long and is the innermost branch of the 204 kilometer long Sognefjord which is located in the middle of Western Norway.

Hike to Austerdalsbreen Glacier at Veitastrond

For over a hundred years, the Austerdalsbreen Glacier along with the three hanging glaciers Loke, Odín and Tor have all been recognized for being the most beautiful ice scenery in Europe. Map to use: Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark 1:50000.

The hike from Tungestølen Mountain Cabins along the Austerdalen Valley, where the Austerdalsbreen Glacier is located at the innermost part of the valley, runs through a combination of flat and hilly terrain.

Pictures from the Lustrafjord area

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Solheim Gard in Luster – Map Overview