Mt Tarløysa is located in the middle of the  Romsdalsfjord. From the summit there is a great view towards the alpine mountains in Romsdal, towards the Romsdalsfjord and all the way to the Atlantic Coast outside Molde.

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Tarløysa is a popular hiking destination both summer, autumn and winter. Here you get to see Romsdal in all its glory.

Nysetra and Lake Herjevatnet

The hike to Tarløysa starts from the parking lot (376 masl) by Nysetra at Holmemstranda. From the main road, around four kilometers southeast of Åfarnes, you follow the 3.5 kilometer long toll road to Nysetra.

Nysetra is also a nice starting point for a walk around lake Herjevatnet which is located at 438 masl. There is a well prepared hiking trail around the lake which is also great for people with prams or in wheelchairs. From the parking lot at Nysetra it is a two kilometer long hike to the outlet of lake Herjevatnet. If you take the round trip around Lake Herjevatnet, it is a total of 10 kilometers to walk.

The hike to Mt Tarløysa – Summer

The first part of the hike goes through scattered mountain forest with a mixture of birch and pine. The first half of the trip is varied. Slightly heavy start in the forest before a more gentle climb in light terrain, which is perfect for warming up. The trail is nice, clearly visible and easy to follow in the first half of the hike.

It gradually becomes much steeper and more rocky, and the trail is more difficult to follow in the last part of the hike. Then cross upwards along the wide mountain side, you first come up to the mountain ridge which is the first summit before you continue the hike along the ridge to Mt Tarløysa. Follow the marked cairns on the mopuntain side, but it is easy to lose the trail. Be careful, there is a vertical cliff at the back of the ridge on the first summit.

From the first summit, follow the ridge in a southerly direction until you reach the top of Mt Tarløysa at 1092 masl. There is a small cabin on Tarløysa, Torvbu, where you can seek shelter if necessary.

Skiing to Mt Tarløysa

Since most of the mountainside below Tarløysa has a slope of less than 30 degrees, it is one of the safest mountains to ski on when there is a risk of avalanches in the Romsdal mountains. But the upper part is steeper than 30 degrees, so here you must take precautions. Also check if there is a risk of avalanches at

In winter, it is common to keep to the right of the summer hiking route to avoid skiing on the steep part and along the mountain ridge between the first summit and Tarløysa.

NOTE! The snow can be blown to a large Snow Cornices (Snøskavler) in the mountains around Tarløysa. Due to this, never ski further than you can see rocks/stones,  especially on the east side of the mountain ridges and around the summit of Tarløysa. Never ski/walk close towards the edges where you don´t know if you have the mountain or just a snow cornice under your feet.

Read more about the hike and the ski-trip to Tarløysa at There you can see maps with both summer and winter routes so it is easier to get an idea of where it is safest to hike or ski.

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From snowy mountains to beautiful coastline of islands and reefs. Experience all this in one day due to the short distance from mountains to coast. Ona Island and Lighthouse, The Atlantic Road, Midsundtrappene, Trollstigen, The Troll Wall, Romsdalseggen, The Romsdal Gondola and Litlefjellet are great places to visit. The Romsdalsfjord is located in the county of Møre og Romsdal, north in Western Norway.

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