The Hjørundfjord

The Hjørundfjord is the “neighbour-fjord” to the more famous Geirangerfjord. The inner part of the 35 kilometre long Hjørundfjord is surrounded by steep mountains, watefalls and glaciers. - Plan your Norway trip with Go Fjords

At the innermost part of the fjord you find the villages Sæbø and Øye. Øye with it´s mythical Hotel Union Øye. Maybe you will meet beautiful Linda, the ghost that lives in the hotel, in the “Blue Room”. A popular hike from Øye is to Mt Slogen, a challenging hike with a fantastic view down to the Hjørundfjord.

Some highlights from the Hjørundfjord area

Hiking and Skiing with Fjord View, Mt Slogen and Saksa are the two most famous mountains for hiking. Join a Fjord Cruise or Kayak on Hjørundfjorden. Dive in the ruins of an old mountain pasture in the Norangsdalen Valley.

Drink beer at the Fjord Pub at Urke. Fish salmon at the Bjørkeelva River at Bjørke. Sleep in Hotel Union Øye, maybe you will meet the ghost in the Blue Room? The Hjørundfjord area are made for people seeking for adventure, excitement, silence and beautiful and wild nature.

Visit Ålesund

Visit Ålesund is the local Tourist Information for the Hjørundfjord Area.

The worlds most stunning Swing

A picture of a swing at Trandal on Instagram made the Hjørundfjord world famous. Trandal is a small and quiet village with a great view towards the fjord, and after the picture went viral, many tourists have visited the place to see the swing themselves. Christian Gaard is the place to swing, eat and sleep.

Fjord Cruise on the Hjørundfjord by “The Fjords”

This is a Fjord Cruise between Ålesund and Øye at the innermost part of the Norangsfjord. You can jump on or off at Trandal and Urke. The crew need to be notified if the boat should stop at Trandal and Urke.

Hjørundfjord and Norway in a Nutshell

This roundtrip is a fantastic trip in some of the wildest and most beautiful fjords, mountains and valleys we have in Norway. You will enjoy the Raumabanen Railway with the Kylling bridge, the Trollveggen Cliff and the Art Nouveau city of Ålesund. From Ålesund a journey with the Hurtigruten Ship on the Hjørundfjord with steep rock walls and small rural communities. The trip is available from Bergen, Oslo and Ålesund. Season: See Fjord Tours website

Kayaking on the Hjørundfjord

Guided Kayak Trips with start from Øye at the innermost part of the Norangsfjord, a branch of the Hjørundfjord. The kayak trips are arranged by UTEGUIDEN on requests during summer.

Hotel Sagafjord at Sæbø arrange Tailored Kayak Trips from their base by the hotel at the harbour of Sæbø by the Hjørundfjord.

Fjord Fishing on the Hjørundfjord

Hjørundfjord Adventures provides boats and fishing equipment for fishing on the Hjørundfjord, with or without guide. Salmon, mackerel, herring and pollock are among many types of fish that is common in the fjord. Hjørundfjord Adventures also sell fishing licence for salmon fishing at Bjørkeelva River at Bjørke in the season between June and August.

Hiking the Mt Saksa (1073 mas) from Urke

The hike to Mt Saksa start at Urke down by the fjord. The mountain lies between Norangsfjorden and the Hjørundfjord, and you have the fjordview to the two fjords from the start at Urke to the summit at 1073 masl. Guided hikes by UTEGUIDEN, the estimated time to use is four hours to the top.

Hiking to Mt Slogen (1564 mas) from Øye

The hike to Mt Slogen is one of Norway´s hiking icon´s. The narrow and steep trail makes this a demanding hike, a guided hike is recommended. The view from the summit towards the Hjørundfjord is “out of this world”. The season is June to September.

Ski the Fjords – Skiing with Fjord View

The mountains around the Hjørundfjord are some of the best Ski Touring Mountains in Norway, and all mountains are “delivered with Fjord View“. You can combine a Fjord Cruise and Guided Ski Touring with great lodging and food. You choose the transport to the mountains; car, bus or boat.

Norangsdalen Valley

Norangsdalen, also described as “the most beautiful valley in the world”, is a valley between Øye and Tryggestad. The valley is narrow and the surrounding mountains are steep, so steep that they built the mountain pastures into the ground so they worked as shields towards avalanche.

Diving at Lake Lygnstøylvatnet in Norangsdalen

Lake Lygnstøylsvatnet is a lake in the Norangsdalen Valley that was “created” in 1908 after a rock avalanche blocked the Norangselva River. Today we can see the ruins after the old mountain pasture under the water, it is a popular place for diving.

Hotel Union  Øye at Øye

Hotel Union Øye is located at Øye at the innermost part of the Hjørundfjord and in the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps. This makes Hotel Union Øye the perfect getaway, all four seasons. The hotel is a secluded, family owned boutique hotel and a favourite among adventurers exploring the fjords and mountains of Western Norway.

Sagafjord Hotel – Sæbø

Hotel Sagafjord by the harbour at Sæbø is a modern Adventure Hotel. The hotel arrange tailored activities: Kayaking, Hiking, Climbing and Ski Touring. They also have their own marina and rent out kayaks. The hotel also arrange kayak courses.

Hjørundfjord Adventures/Hjørundfjord Hostel

Hostel and Adventure Company at Bjørke, the innermost part of the Hjørundfjord. Hiking and fishing in the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Driving to the Hjørundfjord

There are many ways to travel to the Hjørundfjord, one of them is with a car. This is from when I drived over Standalseidet Mountain Pass between Ørsta and Indre Standal by the Hjørundfjord. We were heading to Trandal on the other side of the fjord, and needed to cross the Hjørundfjord by ferry from Indre Standal to Trandal and Christian Gaard.

Villa Norangdal – Norangsdalen

Villa Norangdal was built in 1885, to accommodate tourists who came to explore the mountains. The hotel is a Boutique Hotel focused on design history. In May 2010 Villa Norangdal was rewarded the hallmark of Norwegian Heritage: “Olavsrosa”.

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