The Lustrafjord and the Luster area is one of the most beautiful spots in Norway, where the fjord meets the top of Norway with it´s numerous mountains and glaciers.

The Lustrafjord is the innermost branch of the 204 kilometer long Sognefjord. These are some of the adventures you can experience in Luster.


Season and Safety

Many of the activities, attractions, roads and accommodations mentioned on this website are open only in summer and are closed in winter. Season and opening times will vary, it usually opens in the summer and closes in the autumn, depending on, among other things, the amount of snow and the risk of landslides and avalanches in the area.

Important information about roads in western Norway: There are restrictions on the length of vehicles on many of the roads in Norway. Many roads in Western Norway are prone to landslides and avalanches, especially in rainy and snowy weather. There might also be a chance that some of the roads are closed in short periods, especially during winter, due to weather and danger of rock- and snow avalanches and other dangerous conditions. Some of the roads in Western Norway are closed during winter! Winter tires are required in winter. Read more about Tyre Requirements in Norway...

It is important to take precautions for weather and road conditions, both when you drive and when you are out in nature in Norway. It is recommended to use a guide on the tours described on this website. Read more about safety and your own responsibility...

Visit Sognefjord

Visit Sognefjord is the official destination company for the Lustrafjord and Sognefjord area.

Some highlights from the Lustrafjord area

FJORDS NORWAY - View from Svarthiller towards Urnes and the Lustrafjord.
View from Svarthiller towards Urnes and the Lustrafjord.

The Lustrafjord and Luster area is deemed to be one of the most beautiful spots in the country. It is where the fjords meet the top of Norway and the mountains and glaciers never end. There are many wonderful and exciting things to see and do there.

The oldest historical hotel, the Walaker Hotel, is located in Solvorn. Visit the world heritage protected Urnes Stave Church and see the mighty Feigefossen waterfall that reveals itself in the spring. The hike to Mt Molden gives you a fantastic view both inwards and outwards the Lustrafjord.

Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedal and Austerdalsbreen glacier at Veitastrond are two of the most beautiful and most easily accessible glaciers in Norway. Mørkridsdalen and Fortunsdalen are two classic areas for mountain hikes near Skjolden, which is located in the innermost part of the Lustrafjord.

Drive Sognefjellet National Tourist Route. Along the road is Turtagrø Hotel where you will get information and guide to Hurrungane which is one of Norway’s wildest mountain areas. Stay at Skjolden Hotel, a great hotel with short-travelled food and beer.

The Lustrafjord is a branch of the 204 kilometer long Sognefjord and is located in the middle of Western Norway.

FJORDS NORWAY - From Feigom by the Lustrafjord. Feigefossen Waterfall in the background.
From Feigom by the Lustrafjord. Feigefossen Waterfall in the background. Mt Molden to the right.

Urnes Stave Church at Ornes by the Lustrafjord

Urnes Stave Church is the oldest of the remaining Stave Churches in Norway, and is one of four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Western Norway. The church was built around year 1130 AD, and is situated at Ornes by the Lustrafjord.

A nice way to explore Urnes Stave Church and the beautiful surroundings is to drive to Solvorn and cross the Lustrafjord by ferry to Ornes. From the ferry quay at Ornes, there is only a short walk uphill to the Stave Church. During summer you can join a guided “tour” outside and inside the church. There is also a small café close to the church where you can buy short travelled and local made refreshments.

FJORDS NORWAY - Urnes Stave Church at Ornes by the Lustrafjord. The idyllic Fjord Village Solvorn on the other side of the fjord.
Urnes Stave Church at Ornes by the Lustrafjord. The idyllic Fjord Village Solvorn on the other side of the fjord.

Solvorn and Fjærland – Vibrant Fjord Villages by the sognefjord

The Sognefjord is the lifeblood, indeed the main artery of the villages that lie along the fjord and of the fjord people who live there. The longest fjord is the very reason why these fjord villages exist and that they are located where they do.

Solvorn by the Lustrafjord and Fjærland by the Fjærlandsfjord are two great examples of vibrant fjord villages in the area around the Sognefjord. Together with Undredal by the Aurlandsfjord, these fjord villages have welcomed tourists since they began visiting Norway in the 17th century. At the same time, time has in a way stood still in these beautiful fjord villages. Many of the original buildings have been preserved and refined.

FJORDS NORWAY - Ferry heading towards Ornes. The beautiful village of Solvorn can be seen on the other side of the Lustrafjord.
Ferry heading towards Ornes. The beautiful village of Solvorn can be seen on the other side of the Lustrafjord.

Guided Glacier Hikes on Nigardsbreen Glacier

From Gaupne close to Marifjøra, take to the left towards the Jostedalen Valley and Nigardsbreen Glacier. There you have Breheimsenteret Glacier Centre with its exhibition, multimedia glacier slideshow, information about the glacier and guiding and equipment-rental on the Nigardsbreen Glacier.

You can join the Glacier Bus from Sogndal to Jostedal if you do not have a car, there are one daily departure during the season which is between the end of June to the beginning of September.

Hike to Austerdalsbreen Glacier

From Hafslo in Luster you can drive to Veitastrond. From there, drive the private toll-road to Tungestølen, a brand new Mountain Lodge which had its inauguration in 2019. From there you have a nice and easy two hour hike to Austerdalsbreen Glacier. From the viewpoint you can see three glaciers (Loke, Odin and Tor) falling down from the plateau glacierJostedalsbreen, together creating the beautiful Austerdalsbreen Glacier down in the valley named Austerdalen.

Hike to Mt Molden

A one hour hike to Svarthiller or two hours hike to Mt Molden (1118 masl) in Luster gives you a tremendous view towards the Lustrafjord and the surrounding mountains. Start at the parking place by the road between Hafslo and Mollandsmarki in Luster (500 masl). The trail is well marked.

Mollandsmarki and Raaum Gard – On the edge

The road to Mollandsmarki is the same road as for the hike to Mt Molden. But drive past the parking lot where the hike to Molden starts, and continue further towards Mollandsmarki. Soon the Lustrafjord will reveal itself to you, and the view from the road towards the Lustrafjord is fantastic. In the cabins at Raaum Gard you can literally live right on the edge and look straight down into the fjord and over to Ornes on the other side of the fjord.

Kayak on the Lustrafjord from Skjolden to Ornes and Solvorn

We drove from Oslo in a car stuffed with kayaks and equipment, and our goal for the day was Skjolden at the innermost part of the Lustrafjord. This was the starting point of this summers kayak adventure. The last part of the drive that day was along the fjord we should paddle the next days, and we could feel the joy when driving in this beautiful scenery…

Fjord Cycling – Guided Cycling by the Fjords

Small, idyllic villages. Thundering Waterfalls. Experience Norwegian nature and culture by bike and join a self-guided and guided ready made round trip from Bergen, to and through the fjord landscape surrounding the Sognefjord and Lustrafjord. 256 kilometer of idyllic roads with little or no traffic and a guide that shows you where the gems are hidden.

Solvorn, Urnes and Feigefossen Waterfall

FJORDS NORWAY - The road between Skjolden and Ornes by the Lustrafjord.
The road between Skjolden and Ornes by the Lustrafjord.

Solvorn is a beautiful village down by the Lustrafjord. There you have the oldest historical hotel in Norway, the beautiful Walaker Hotel. Eplet Hostel og Jusfabrikk and Villa Solvorn are also located in Solvorn.

From Solvorn you can take the small ferry across the Lustrafjord to Ornes and visit Ornes and Urnes Stave Church. Urnes and the area along the fjord are great starting points for experiences and adventures.

It is about 13 kilometers from Ornes to Feigum. A nice hike is the hike from Feigum to the viewpoint where you can see the Feigefossen Waterfall from up close. Especially early summer, this is a great sight, when the snowmelt is at its maximum and the water flow in the waterfall is at its most powerful. The hike to the viewpoint is nice and takes around an hour each way, the trail is marked. There is about a 150 meter climb from the start at Feigum to the viewpoint. The trail is rocky in the end and it can be slippery due to water splash from the waterfall. Feigefossen Waterfall has a vertical drop of 229 meters. Season: Summer.

Feigesagi Café is an idyllic café down by the fjord at Feigum, it is open from time to time.

NOTE! This road from Ornes to Feigum and further to Skjolden is narrow and winding, and it can be tight in some sections. Be aware that cars, cyclists and people walking can come towards you and from behind, you must take precautions for this.

RIB-Boat Adventure on the Lustrafjord

Combine a RIB-boat tour on the Lustrafjord with a hike to the impressive 229 meter high Feigefossen Waterfall. The adventure starts at Skjolden Brygge at Skjolden, and the season is during summer. Video by Adventure Tours Norway.

Sengjaberget Viewpoint at Skjolden

This is a short and easy hike with a great view, 120 meters above Skjolden and the Lustrafjord. You can hike along the road from Skjolden Hotel (one hour hike – 3.2 kilometer) or drive up to the start of the trail and hike from there (15 minutes hike – 320 meter). From Sengjaberget you have great view towards Eidsvatnet and Eidselva River, Skjolden, the Lustrafjord and Mt Molden in the horizon.

Skjolden, the innermost part of the Lustrafjord

From Gaupne, you can also drive through Luster to Skjolden and Fortun.
Stay at Skjolden Hotel, a beautiful hotel with local food down by innermost part of the Lustrafjord. You can hike into the Mørkrisdalen Valley from Skjolden and the Fortunsdalen Valley from Fortun. The Fortunsdalen Valley is more spectacular the deeper into the valley you drive, but drive carefully. At the end of the road lies Nørdstedalsseter Mountain Lodge, a good starting point for mountaineering.

Sognefjellet Mountain Road – The Top of Norway

From Skjolden, you can drive in the direction of Sognefjellet Mountain Road  and Lom. The first stop is Turtagrø Hotel, a new and modern mountain hotel, where you can get information and guiding to the Hurrungane Mountains, one of Norway´s wildest mountain areas. Turtagrø can offer guided hikes and climbing on mountains with views over most of the Jotunheimen National Park.

A little further and you have the Sognefjellshytta Mountain Lodge on the top of Sognefjellet. It has fantastic views and is cheap to stay overnight. Just a few kilometers from Sognefjellshytta you arrive at Krossbu Mountain Lodge. Guiding across Smørstabbreen Glacier can be done from here.

The Lustrafjord – Accommodation

Jostedalen – Jostedal Hotell
Jostedalen – Jostedal Camping
Fortun/Hurrungane – Turtagrø Hotel
Skjolden – Skjolden Hotel
Skjolden – Skjolden Resort
Lustrafjord – Sørheim Fjordpanorama
Luster – Dalsøren Camping
Luster – Luster Fjordhytter
Luster – Nes Gard
Marifjøra – Marifjøra Sjøbuer
Mollandsmarki – Heil pao kanten
Norway’s oldest hotelWalaker Hotell in Solvorn
Bed & Breakfast in Solvorn – Eplet Hostel & Juicefabrikk
Bed & Breakfast in Solvorn – Villa Solvorn
Exclusivity and well-being at HafsloBesteBakken
Tungestølen at Veitastrond – Tungestølen Turisthytte

The Lustrafjord – Useful Links

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Breheimsenteret Glacier Center in Jostedal: Breheimsenteret
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Sognefjellet National Tourist Route: Norwegian Scenic Routes
Guided Kayak Trips on the Lustrafjord: Fjordseal at Marifjøra
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Here you will find an overview of recommended HOTELS in addition to SPA & BATH HOTELS and OTHER ACCOMMODATION PLACES in Western Norway. The combination of beautiful nature, activities that you can do in all four seasons and a stay at a great accommodation is unique. A stay in one of these places will do you good, both for body and mind.

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